Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY: AMcQ pearl embroidered skull tank

This is the first {and might be the last} 
skull-related project on this blog:
that's because normally I'm not much of a "skull person".
Which is kind of strange, since I {heart} so much 
Alexander McQueen's creations.

But hey: I'm not perfect {just very-very close - ;) }

I saw this tank top on the Neiman Marcus site and almost collapsed at the 695$ price tag.

left pic: - collage by moi
Wearing it {of course, duh!} with my
DIY McQueen razor triple leather bracelet
I made last week! ;)

details - left pic: - collage by moi

Supplies needed:
{and let's do the math:}

- a tank top (I used an old Gap basic t-shirt)
- beads and pearls (4 different sizes)
- small piece of lace (yes, I used an old lace underwear... So what? It was clean!)
- needle and thread
I believe even if you have to buy everything you can fit into a 20$ budget

...But because I used everything I had on hand... 
mine was 100% free.
Extra needs for this projects: a couple of rainy afternoons... 

...and this is how I made it:

1*  take a screen shot of the detail and printed out on a full page
2*  then pin the paper onto the lace and cut the desired shape
3*  now, pin the lace onto the shirt 
4*  and sew the outline with a medium zig-zag stitch
5*  with a water removable marker, draw the outline of the skull onto the lace
6*  start with the bigger beads along the lines
7*  and then fill up the areas with the small glass beads
8* ... two rainy afternoons later... the skull shows its "face" {pun intended}

Now it's time to sew my armholes!
1* pin
2* best-thing-ever-sewing-jersey: my twin needles!
3* looks legit!

I could make it into a tank top, but I kind of like the "muscle-t" idea. I'll stay with it!

xox, d.

Friday, March 30, 2012

trashcan gets a stylish makeover

If your trashcan could talk, 
what would it be saying to you?

You might have figured out by now that I have a hoarding problem 
... a hard time getting rid of things,
therefore I could think that if mine would talk would say something like:

Oh well, my trash can was a bit bitten up, 
being in plywood and not being treated too well over the past decade...

If your trash can get to be in plain air and visible, 
it better be pretty, right?

Yep, time for a makeover!

Check the before and after pictures of my trash can! 
cooooool, right?

Because there's a lot of black and white in the decor, 
I decided to stay with the same color palette.

This is another case of "just two coats of paint"
to give new life to something old.

1* the top was the most damaged part.

2* a good sanding job (after removing 3 bits of hardware, the leather handle and the rubber gasket at the bottom)

3* a coat of primer

4* added a line of white acrylic paint

5* applied the vinyl letters

6* and two coat of black opaque spray paint

7* removed the letters (and almost had a heart attack because some of the spray paint did go under!! - almost a major crisis of crafting fail!)

... get my patience, a little paintbrush and some white nail polish to fix it.

(you can still see from the first image that it is not perfect... whatever.
...Next time I might just buy white vinyl letters and get over it!)

xox, d.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY MNZ 5 superballs necklace

This necklace is a fun, 
and definitely playful one!
It will take 10 minutes to make, 
and {last but not least}
less than 5$!!

left pic: MNZ - collage by moi

f-o-r   r-e-a-l

What you need:

Go to the closest toys store and treat yourself with 4 small superballs and one slightly bigger.
Do you have some leather cord? I thought so.
And a drill, for that we have dads/husbands/brothers ;) !!!

1* Because I didn't have a way to keep the superball in place while drilling, without the risk of drilling into my own fingers, I taped the superballs on the corner of a scrap piece of wood.

2* After the drilling, this is how it's going to look like, powdery and smells like burned plastic!

3* There now you have 5 giant rubber beads!

4* Tie a knot at about 2/3 of your leather cord.

5* Pass the leather cord into your rubber beads/ superball

6* Tie another knot

7* Repeat for 4 more times and... voila'!

Tie a knot on both ends of the leather cord and you're ready to sport your new necklace !

have fun! 
xox, d.

Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY quote on pillow

" I knit so I won't kill people."

...if you're a knitter (or a crocheter)
you know how much this quote is the truth, right?

... perfect quote for my knitting spot!

I saw this tote bag on Pinterest and I had to repin it right away.
{made by AstorKnot on Etsy ... this is screen printed on canvas}

I never did any screen printing (although it's on my 'to-try-list')... but I figured I could achieve quite a similar look making a freezer paper stencil (my first attempt with freezer paper, btw!)

So here I am:
because I have a laser printer, 
I had to print the quote on regular paper.
(freezer paper works on ink jet only)

I used the font Helvetica bold - size 200.

Then I taped the printed paper onto my cutting mat, the freezer paper on top of it, and started to cut out the letters with the x-acto knife.
Next step: I cut every line of the quote 1" over and 1" under the letters, since I liked the letters nicely squeezed into each others.

Then, pressed the stripes onto my canvas...
(dont' do this late at night, or you might press "I kill so I won't knit people" and you have to do it all over again... LOL!!!)

... Time to mix up some fabric paint using blue, white and a bit of yellow and a touch of red and get the colors ready!
Next morning... peel your freezer paper gently...
Iron on reverse.

Few seams and a zipper later... ta-duh! My knitting pillow.
Perfect on my knitting corner.

...and because my s-daughter learned to knit and she's all about sparkles and purple... I made her one, too! check it out here!!!

xox, d.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

thank you, Pinterest

Thank you, Pinterest!
...because you're so addicting, it would really suck
to close down my account!!!

It is with joy and relief that today while logging into my Pinterest account, I found out that they are taking care of these issues, and their terms of use are undergoing a big change, and the new and improved terms of service, Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy will go in effect starting on April, 6th 2012.

Lately the blogland was overflowing with articles 
about Pinterest's terms of use which were kind of scary.

Many of us, {aka the Pinterest addicts} 
pinned this image on our boards fom

and this one from :

happy Saturday, y'all, and have a great day 
full of {P}interesting things!! ;)

xox, d.

Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Pucci neon chain belt

Neon + chain + tassel... 

= ok, I'll make it!

I saw online this pretty neon Pucci belt...

and the DIY light turned immediately on!
pics on the left from:

Not that I'm lacking of neon belts ... (check here for more ideas and tutorials!) but I really like this one with the chain and the tassel.
Best of all... again, I'm using things that I already have:
* neon yellow ropes (previously seen here!),
* chain

...and even if you have to go out and buy everything... the whole thing will be way less than 10 bucks!

Here's the shopping list:

Woven chain link belt tutorial with neon rope:

1* most important part!!! inside the nylon rope there is another thick material that keeps the rope sturdy... pull this out! This will make the rope thinner and softer.

2* weave the rope into  the chain, leaving about 1/2" at the beginning

3* leave a couple of chain links at the end without the rope, and cut the rope leaving the extra 1/2"

* 4 glue the excess rope around the chain link and onto the other side of the rope, on both ends of the belt

*5 attach the lobster clasp at the end of the side with all the chain links woven with the rope, using the split ring

... and this is done! {warning: the woven part it's tedious, since the rope will get tangled...)

Neon nylon tassel tutorial:

1* fold in half a piece of cardboard of double the length of the desire tassel
(my finish tassel measure 21 cm / 8-1/4" long)

2* place a piece of the nylon mason twine on the crease of the cardboard and tape it

3* wrap the cord around the cardboard

4* add few drops of glue on the top - the side with the rope taped on the cardboard

5* tie a double knot

6* cut the end of the wrapped rope - on the side where the cardboard is open in the middle

7* use the cord that you tied a knot on the top to wrap around and tie another double knot

8* open up a paper clip

9* slip it inside the "head" of the tassel

10* wrap the metal wire once

11* drill a hole in the plumbing end pipe cap and spray paint 

12* pass the end cap into the wire

13* insert the lobster clasp and wrap the wire around it - cut the excess wire

14* for an neat look, use your rule and the rotary cutter to cut the end of the tassel perfectly even! tassel?

xox, d.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY McQ razor triple leather bracelet

I stumbled upon this bracelet from 
Alexander (the Great) McQueen. 
It's made out of brass and leather and retails for 66$: 
I made my own DIY version for... nothing.

Here they are: side by side!

pic on the left: 
I had everything {just needed some time}.

I knew.... somewhere I knew I had something... must be hidden somewhere in one of these boxes...

whooooaa! Found! 

I use to love this charm... it's {hem} very vintage.
{I was a teen at the time it was given to me.}
And hey, it's sterling silver! (ok, tarnished sterling silver)

Cleaned the charm, and start looking in the drawer where I keep all the buckles.
And here they are: two straps belonging to some sandals that don't even exist anymore!
Perfect: soft white pearly leather. ... My wrist is getting ready for summer!

I sew the second row on the straps (make sure to use a leather needle) and cut the excess length, the total length of the bracelet is 23" (including the charm).

I believe the few steps are pretty self-explanatory, right? McQueen... sweet!

xox, d.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

spring has sprung!

 Happy Spring!

Technically, the first day of spring was yesterday. 
But I like to keep it on the 21st of March, 
since I'm so bad at remembering dates!

I took these pictures this morning, in a gorgeous sunny day.
The air smells delicious and the flowers are blooming everywhere in the front yard! (and so the weeds...)

And like every spring, I did a little of spring-cleaning (on the blog... does it count?)

You might have noticed few different things:

* took off the floating side bar (why did I even put it there? I never liked it!)

* took off the long list of link parties. Don't hate me, ladies! 
I don't have time to party anymore, but the page with all the blog buttons divided by day it's still there! ...but my blog looks neater.

* I moved up the "follow me with bloglovin ... thing". 
I read on many blogs that Google will turn off Google Friend Connect... I still have it on the side bar... but: just in case: click on the picture below and add me on your reading list! 
(pretty, please?)... thank you!

* I started to add to my reading list all the blogs that I follow; the good thing is: you can make groups... So my groups are: DIY, Fashion, Style and ...uncategorized.
But it's pretty cool that I'll be able to do my reading divided by section like in a real newspaper!
This is how my DIY list looks like (still growing.... eheh)

Are you in the list? Am I in yours yet??? ;)

... And last but not least... Looks like I'll be able to get back to make stuff on a regular basis!
It really feels refreshing like Spring ;) !!!

xox, d.

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