Monday, February 20, 2012

typography t-shirts

Have your heard?
The Typography Challenge is up!
there is also a dedicated pinterest board
really loaded with great ideas and inspirations ;)

If you know me a bit by now, 
you know that I'm a t-shirt junkie and a dog nuts. 
Put together these {great} qualities of mine, 
and you now know why I had the need to have some dog-shirts.

I have other ideas in mind, but these "dog-t-shirts" that I made some time ago were ready and begging to be shown, totally stealing the idea inspired by the great t-shirts at
Each of these t-shirts are available on the cafepress website, for as little as 25$ each. ... Mine turned out about $3.

These are very easy to make: 

1* print on a piece of paper the quote you like, pick the font, the size, and check with your shirt if the size of the piece of paper is the right fit

2* stretch just a bit the shirt on a piece of cardboard covered with some saran wrap, and place the printed paper just under your shirt (eventually tape the corners to the shirt)

3* use the fabric paint and overwrite the quote onto your shirt  
--> for the darker shirts: because overwrite is not a possibility, I used some chalk onto the back of the paper and with the back of a pen I passed over the quote onto my shirt, so I had a clear trace in chalk. Then I painted over the chalk with the fabric paint.

4* let dry and have fun!

xox, d.
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