Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY Doo Ri - La Garçonne: exaggerate cable sweater

I believe I pinned this sweater back in June or July...
well: time flies when you're having fun to move and lots of remodeling around your home!

Since it's still very very cold here 
(and I very much dislike it)
I figured wasn't too late to have another chunky knit!

image on the left: La Garçonne - collage by moi
My version has the wrapped cable rather less "exaggerated".
The yarn I used was already pretty thick and I figured the huge cable would make it too bulky.

To make up for that, I wrapped the cable one extra time around the décolleté.

Back to the how-to!

A basic raglan sleeves sweater, knitted in seed stitch with a thick 2:2 ribs at the wrists and base.

I used a cashmere - silk blend in a light gray/blue color. (from my stash, bought last year for about 50$)
My yarn is quite thick, so I used needles 5 mm for the ribs and 5-1/2 mm for the rest of the sweater.

Don't bind off the stitches at the end of each piece, you'll use these stitches for the collar!

Once you have all your knitted parts, sew together the side shoulders, and pick the open stitches, and cast on the rest on the sides of the front on your  5-1/2 mm circular needle, knit on 2:2 ribs for 4 rows and bind off.

The cable: cast on 20 stitches and knit in a 1:1 ribs, cabling every 22 rows. This will give you a cable that is exactly the same on the front and back, and won't roll on the sides.
The length of the cable really depends on the measurement of the sweater: mine is approximately 12 ft long.

How I did it:
I wore the plain sweater on, and I had my mom pinning with safety pins the cable, starting from the back of the neck.
This way, since I didn't have enough cable knitted, I could keep knitting without having to do this operation again.
Once it's all done, sew with small stitches on both sides of the cable and it will be ready to wear!

xox, d.
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