Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Moschino Fair Isle safety pins

Do you have 20 minutes, 2 $ and a plain sweater?
I would think so ;)

This is the perfect {recession-time} project that
will spruce up a plain sweater to a designer fancy-$chmancy look
with very little time and the least amount of money!

left pic: net-a-porter - collage by moi
an old plain sweater 
two packs of assorted sizes safety pins 
chalk or water soluble marker & ruler
...what are you waiting for?? run to the nearest Dollar Store!!

Here's how I made mine: I liked the idea of the original, although was a bit too heavy for my taste, therefore I decided to do only part of the inspiration.

1* put your sweater around a box or a piece of cardboard, to stretch it just a bit
2* mark a middle line from the neck down
3* mark two lines about 2-1/2" from the center and two diagonal lines from the armpits to the center about 1" lower than the armpit.
4* start placing the safety pins following the desired designs
5* I started to do the zig-zag with the bigger safety-pins first, and then moved onto the details
6* detail on how to make the center design

and here some {safety} close-ups:

have fun making your own!
xox, d.

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