Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY Jason Wu pre-fall 2012 - the sweater

As promised:
today I'll share the tutorial to reproduce the 
Jason Wu pre-fall 2012 sweater

... that will be available in stores only in few months... 
but it's already in my 'ready-to-wear' collection in my closet! ;)

I decided to go with the off white stripes instead than using the orange-coral-ish,
but you can play with different color and give it your own twist!

Check the SHOPPING LIST and hit the yarn store! 
4 balls x 50 gr alpaca caramel (already in my stash!!)
2 balls x 50 gr alpaca navy blue
1 ball x 50 gr alpaca cream
3-1/2 mm knitting needles, one 4 mm knitting needle, 3-1/2 mm circular needle, 3.75 mm crochet hook and a wool sewing needle

Ready to knit and crochet? check the easy step-by-step tutorial!

1* knit 1:1 ribs with the 3½ mm needles for 2½" (odd number of stitches) 
{for my sweater - I'm a size 2 - 105 stitches for front and back and 53 stitches for the sleeves}
2* bind off the stitches using the 4 mm needle (all knit)
3* leave the last stitch on and start using the crochet hook
4* & 5* 1st row: chain 3 - skip 1 st - 1 double crochet - chain 1 - skip one st - 1 double crochet - till the end of the row 
6* 2nd row: chain 2 - 1 double crochet (not into the chain st, but into the 'bridge') - chain 1 - 1 double crochet - till the end of the row - the last double crochet will be onto the stitch of the previous row
3rd row: chain 3 -  skip 1 st - 1 double crochet into the 'bridge' - chain 1 - skip one st - 1 double crochet into the 'bridge' - till the end of the row 
4th row: repeat from 2nd row

38 rows caramel
9 rows navy blue
3 rows cream
2 rows navy blue
3 rows cream
9 rows navy blue

DECREASE:  I'm not sure I did it the correct way, but I slip stitched in position and then crocheted without finishing the whole row on the other side. 

INCREASE: decide how wide need to be your sleeve, and divide evenly the number of increases needed - to increase: add an extra chain stitch in between double crochet stitches at the beginning and the end of even rows.

COLLAR: with the 3½ mm circular needle cast on 108 stitches and knit on 1:1 ribs for 1-1/4", then knit on stockinette for 3 rows with a contrast color (this contrast color will be unraveled after the collar will be sewn onto the sweater)


this is the sequence I sew together the pieces:
shoulders first,
then the collar,
then the arm-holes
and finally the sides and the side of the sleeves.

Press with your steam iron and wear with pride!!!

xox, d.

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