Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY: Jason Wu pre-fall 2012 - the pants

Color block pants are all over for the next spring, summer 
and apparently for next {pre}fall, too!

Today's easy step-by-step tutorial will show you how to have a pair of these Jason Wu pre-fall 2012 color block pants without breaking the bank!

{Not-so-side-note: mine turned out completely free!!! 
A pair of old dark grey wool pants and fabric color from my stash!}
left pic from Vogue.com - collage by moi
Because my pants are a very deep dark grey, I decided to go with a metallic blue color accent: I mixed a bit of leftover silver, navy blue and some black to obtain the desired color.

* a pair of pants 
* saran wrap
* cardboard
* masking tape
* pins 
* ruler
* water soluble marker (or chalk)
* fabric paint
* brush 


1* take two pieces of cardboard and trace the shape of your pants' legs, at the knee's area
2* cut the cardboard where you traced the lines
3* wrap the cardboard with saran wrap and tape it to the back of the cardboard
4* place the cardboard pieces inside your pants' legs, making sure the fabric is tight and flat and pin in place
5* tape the top and the bottom of the pants on a prep surface, and trace an horizontal line on both legs at the point where you'll want the tip of the triangle 
6* trace a triangle on the first leg (my diagonal lines are 3" on each side of the horizontal line) 
7* ... repeat on the other leg
8* now apply the masking tape over the diagonal lines (I trusted myself enough to not tape the side, since I painted just one the side seam. in case... tape also the side)
9* start to apply the fabric paint with vertical strokes 
10* until you covered the designated area 
11* let dry and repeat for the second coat
12* let dry {overnight} and remove the tape
13* remove the cardboard
14* iron on reverse... and wear with pride!

xox, d.
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