Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Moschino Fair Isle safety pins

Do you have 20 minutes, 2 $ and a plain sweater?
I would think so ;)

This is the perfect {recession-time} project that
will spruce up a plain sweater to a designer fancy-$chmancy look
with very little time and the least amount of money!

left pic: net-a-porter - collage by moi
an old plain sweater 
two packs of assorted sizes safety pins 
chalk or water soluble marker & ruler
...what are you waiting for?? run to the nearest Dollar Store!!

Here's how I made mine: I liked the idea of the original, although was a bit too heavy for my taste, therefore I decided to do only part of the inspiration.

1* put your sweater around a box or a piece of cardboard, to stretch it just a bit
2* mark a middle line from the neck down
3* mark two lines about 2-1/2" from the center and two diagonal lines from the armpits to the center about 1" lower than the armpit.
4* start placing the safety pins following the desired designs
5* I started to do the zig-zag with the bigger safety-pins first, and then moved onto the details
6* detail on how to make the center design

and here some {safety} close-ups:

have fun making your own!
xox, d.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY Jason Wu pre-fall 2012 - the sweater

As promised:
today I'll share the tutorial to reproduce the 
Jason Wu pre-fall 2012 sweater

... that will be available in stores only in few months... 
but it's already in my 'ready-to-wear' collection in my closet! ;)

I decided to go with the off white stripes instead than using the orange-coral-ish,
but you can play with different color and give it your own twist!

Check the SHOPPING LIST and hit the yarn store! 
4 balls x 50 gr alpaca caramel (already in my stash!!)
2 balls x 50 gr alpaca navy blue
1 ball x 50 gr alpaca cream
3-1/2 mm knitting needles, one 4 mm knitting needle, 3-1/2 mm circular needle, 3.75 mm crochet hook and a wool sewing needle

Ready to knit and crochet? check the easy step-by-step tutorial!

1* knit 1:1 ribs with the 3½ mm needles for 2½" (odd number of stitches) 
{for my sweater - I'm a size 2 - 105 stitches for front and back and 53 stitches for the sleeves}
2* bind off the stitches using the 4 mm needle (all knit)
3* leave the last stitch on and start using the crochet hook
4* & 5* 1st row: chain 3 - skip 1 st - 1 double crochet - chain 1 - skip one st - 1 double crochet - till the end of the row 
6* 2nd row: chain 2 - 1 double crochet (not into the chain st, but into the 'bridge') - chain 1 - 1 double crochet - till the end of the row - the last double crochet will be onto the stitch of the previous row
3rd row: chain 3 -  skip 1 st - 1 double crochet into the 'bridge' - chain 1 - skip one st - 1 double crochet into the 'bridge' - till the end of the row 
4th row: repeat from 2nd row

38 rows caramel
9 rows navy blue
3 rows cream
2 rows navy blue
3 rows cream
9 rows navy blue

DECREASE:  I'm not sure I did it the correct way, but I slip stitched in position and then crocheted without finishing the whole row on the other side. 

INCREASE: decide how wide need to be your sleeve, and divide evenly the number of increases needed - to increase: add an extra chain stitch in between double crochet stitches at the beginning and the end of even rows.

COLLAR: with the 3½ mm circular needle cast on 108 stitches and knit on 1:1 ribs for 1-1/4", then knit on stockinette for 3 rows with a contrast color (this contrast color will be unraveled after the collar will be sewn onto the sweater)


this is the sequence I sew together the pieces:
shoulders first,
then the collar,
then the arm-holes
and finally the sides and the side of the sleeves.

Press with your steam iron and wear with pride!!!

xox, d.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY: Jason Wu pre-fall 2012 - the pants

Color block pants are all over for the next spring, summer 
and apparently for next {pre}fall, too!

Today's easy step-by-step tutorial will show you how to have a pair of these Jason Wu pre-fall 2012 color block pants without breaking the bank!

{Not-so-side-note: mine turned out completely free!!! 
A pair of old dark grey wool pants and fabric color from my stash!}
left pic from - collage by moi
Because my pants are a very deep dark grey, I decided to go with a metallic blue color accent: I mixed a bit of leftover silver, navy blue and some black to obtain the desired color.

* a pair of pants 
* saran wrap
* cardboard
* masking tape
* pins 
* ruler
* water soluble marker (or chalk)
* fabric paint
* brush 


1* take two pieces of cardboard and trace the shape of your pants' legs, at the knee's area
2* cut the cardboard where you traced the lines
3* wrap the cardboard with saran wrap and tape it to the back of the cardboard
4* place the cardboard pieces inside your pants' legs, making sure the fabric is tight and flat and pin in place
5* tape the top and the bottom of the pants on a prep surface, and trace an horizontal line on both legs at the point where you'll want the tip of the triangle 
6* trace a triangle on the first leg (my diagonal lines are 3" on each side of the horizontal line) 
7* ... repeat on the other leg
8* now apply the masking tape over the diagonal lines (I trusted myself enough to not tape the side, since I painted just one the side seam. in case... tape also the side)
9* start to apply the fabric paint with vertical strokes 
10* until you covered the designated area 
11* let dry and repeat for the second coat
12* let dry {overnight} and remove the tape
13* remove the cardboard
14* iron on reverse... and wear with pride!

xox, d.

Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY: Jason Wu pre-fall 2012

web - media - magazines: 
Their job (in fashion) is (mostly) to give us cravings.

DIYers have the chance, the ability and the {infinite} pleasure 
of making something happen 
long before those coveted beauties will hit the stores.

left pic: - collage by moi

The cravings started when Jason Wu 
introduced the pre-fall 2012 collection.
I loved the whole look, and had to figure out my way!
Few bucks and a little work 
and you can have your own pre-fall... ready-to-wear!

All you need is :
yarn, crochet, knitting needles and a little fabric color.

xox, d.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

participation and winning

I love a challenging competition, 
and I love even more if turns out ...
I'm  {one of} the winner!!

remember the crochet contest over at Elisabeth Andrée ?

yup... the crocheted chain-link scarf made it to the podium!!

I'm pretty thrilled. 
And happy.
... and I love that scarf!

...and if you want to check out what the other contestants made...
you can see all the projects 

thanks Andrée for hosting this fun contest!

xox, d.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

DIY leather corsage necklace

Yesterday I took just a couple of hours for myself 
to make my DIY version of this Sportmax 
val leather corsage necklace that has been in my "inspiration folder" for almost a year.

I must say... 
I'm pretty pleased with the result!
... see for yourself!

picture on the left: ; collage by moi

...and this is how I made it.
(I split the tutorials in several steps, with lots of pictures,
I hope it's clear!)


You need:
* 4 or 5 inches of thick chain (mine is a piece of bracelet that broke), one O ring and one slide (the slide needs to be the same size of your grosgrain's width)
* 2 big beads and a smaller one
* about 1-1/2 yr of 5/8" grosgrain in cream color, matching thread, needle and scissors
* three pieces of soft & thin leather in cream and one in a darker shade (about 2-1/4" x 6-1/2")
* masking tape and exacto knife
* clear glue and fray check


1* cut three pieces of grosgrain: 19" - 12" and 14"(this last one, with 45 degrees angles cut at the ends) and fray check all the ends
2* take the 12" piece and slip one end into the slide
3* fold it and sew few stitches
4* pass it onto the O ring
5* now pass it onto the slide
6* loop it around one side of the chain
7* sew few stitches
8* pass the 19" piece around the other side of the chain
9* all the way to the middle part
10* pin it in place and slide the other side all the way next to the O ring
(now, put it on and make sure it goes over your head)
11* take the exact measurement, cut off the extra and sew few stitches next to the O ring
12* done! time to make the bow!


1* take the 14" long piece of grosgrain
2* fold the left part
3* go over with the right part
4* slip it inside the loop
5* tie and adjust
6* place it on the left side of the necklace
7* sew it with few stitches without sewing the top part of the knot
8* cut off the extra sides, and apply some more fray check! done!!


1* cut 4 pieces of very thin leather into 6-1/2" x 2-1/4" (three in one color and one in a different tone)
2* tape the pieces straight onto your board
3* using your exacto knife, make cuts every 1/8" leaving the tape parts un-cut
4* it will look like this once done
5* take off the tape
6* apply some clear glue onto the edge of the wrong side of the leather
7* fold the leather in half
8* apply some glue onto the edge
9* start rolling slowly
10* keep rolling
11* it's a flower!
12* sew it a couple of times back and forth to secure it
(don't cut the thread! you'll need it in the next step!)


1* sew the flower around one link of the chain
2* add the bead
3* and the other one
... keep sewing until it's done!!

xox, d.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY: pets in a jar

Don't get scared! 
I'm not going to do anything bad to my pets, I promise you!!

I had two bookcases that needed to be moved out of the office:
I believe they got an identity crisis since I turned them
into an open pantry.

This means: more room in the kitchen.
Which also means that all the empty jars that I was saving for ages will be finally in use!

...and the use is...
(I saw this idea ages ago on Apartment Therapy , finally on my shelves!!)

In my life I have been fortunate enough to have many pets.
May I introduce you to their pictures:

Most of them are now on the rainbow bridge, but they will be always in my heart and memories.
...And now also closed to my eyes,
since they are looking at me from the jars in my kitchen.

My take: I wanted to give these jars a "finished look",
so I wrapped the "mouth" of the jar with sisal and glue.
Once dry, just place your pictures in the jars and you're done!!

It's easy-peasy, but here's a quick step-by-step tutorial for you!

You {only} need:
empty & clean jars in different sizes and shapes
white glue and sisal

1* place a nice amount of white glue on the opening of your jar
2* spread the glue evenly with your finger
3* wrap the sisal around several times, covering well the glass screw
4* at the end, it will look like this 
5* and your hands like this 
6* clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry
(white glue will turn clear when dry)
7* wrap your picture in a tube 
8* place it inside your jar 
(and eventually use a wooden spoon to place it correctly into the tall bottle like ones)

xox, d.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

two zero one two



I wish you all the very best, and more.
(and a lot of sweet things, too)

I'll be busy for another week or so getting all my stuff in the right place, but after that... get ready because my "to-DIY list" is growing longer and longer!

I have some few new projects that I have to get my hands on...

- sewing
- felt
- knitting
- old clothes to revamp
- home décor
- another pet's bed

and more.

And last, but not least, I want to thank you for reading this blog, for your comments, for your "likes" on my Facebook page, and for following my boards on Pinterest.

I couldn't imagine that blogging could be so much fun. 
YOU made it fun!


xox, d.
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