Sunday, December 30, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #22

what 2013 will bring on inspiration&realisation

If you hang out with me on facebook, you know by now that I can't stand all of the "best of" that are going on at this time of the year.
If you are doing "best of" don't hate me, but I'm skipping your posts...I will keep reading your blogs once you're done with that!

images & sources: pinterest

So, for Do-Inspire-Yourself this week, I thought about sharing some of the things that inspired me in 2012, things that I'm actually working on, and hopefully will be ready in the first few weeks of 2013, with plenty of tutorials!

Anthropologie - Carven - Dior - Alexander Wang -Ermanno Scervino - Kenzo...
all on my pinterest board "to-do-DIY 2013"
that will keep growing with the projects that I'm actually getting into work.

What's on your to-do-DIY list for the next -few- weeks?

xox, d.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DIY leather bow cuff bracelet

a leather bracelet inspired by Kate Spade

 although they ended up having only few things in common.
(* color * leather * bow)

top - kate spade - collage by moi

I saw this pretty bracelet on the Kate Spade's site, and although I didn't have the right hardware, I ended up improvising... and turned out ok!

the leather bow cuff bracelet supplies:

* 4 leather strips [only 3 in picture, but here all the measurements:1x 1-1/8"x 7" - 1x 5/8"x6" - 1x5/8"x4-1/2" - 1x 5/8"x 7"]
* a round plastic bottle & scissors

Make a leather cuff bracelet how to / tutorial:

*apply and spread with a craft stick the glue onto the back of the two shorter pieces of leather ( and let these two dry) and onto the 1-1/8"x 7" piece of leather
*cut a strip of plastic just a bit shy of 3/4" wide and glue the wide piece of leather onto the plastic

* wrap the edges of the leather around the plastic strip

* apply the glue onto the piece of leather  5/8" x 7" and glue it onto the inside of the plastic, covering the edges of the folded leather

Make the double flat bow:

* optional: sew straight seams onto the two shorter strips of leather

* apply just a dot of glue at the edge of the two strips of leather
* wrap the two pieces of leather in a circle and overlap the edges  

* fold the two loops flat with the glued part in the middle and place the smaller one onto the bigger one, right into the center

* sew few stitches into the middle part of the "soon to be a bow" to keep it in place

* sew few stitches or glue the bow onto the center of the cuff

finish the cuff:

* use the wire to wrap around few times the center of the bow, creating "the bridge" - wrap the beginning and the end of the wire around the bow, not around the cuff, so you won't have any sharp metal on your wrists

* adjust the wrap with your pliers 

* measure the cuff onto your wrist, and cut to size (keeping in mind the size of the clasp) then place the edges inside the crimp ends and squeeze with your pliers 

* add a split ring on both ends and a clasp... and you're ready to wear it!

xox, d.
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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Do-Inspire-Yourself #21

2013 is a week away and all we need is...
a new calendar

...or a print:

if you like vivid colors and stunning digital work, typography and photography, add some colors to your walls and visit Sam Coldy's online store
Sam Coldy print "hello 2013"
Even though I have a smartphone and a computer, a calendar on the wall is something I cannot live without...

DIY perpetual erasable calendars (cross stitch)

Several years ago, I made my erasable perpetual calendars, one for me and one for my mom (I'm such a good daughter!).
I pasted together several different patterns and adjusted them into the design I wanted to make.
I still have (somewhere) the templates, let me know if you're interested in and I'll look into and try to scan it and upload it into a pdf format.

this one rectangular and formatted with start week on Sunday and days of the week are in English

This one is squared and formatted with start week on Monday and days of the week are in Italian
What I did is cross stitch my pattern on the Aida cloth, and then placed into a glass frame.
I use erasable markers to write on it, and clean it up at the end of the month.
Every day has some room to write about birthdays, things to do, dr. appointments, things to remember, etc.

I am in the process of finishing the matching erasable white board with the same pattern!

last minute gifts: cool perpetual calendars  

2013 do-it & print-it-yourself calendars:

A calendar generator: 

Go to time and date and generate your calendar, really à la carte, with unlimited choices to pick from: planners, desk calendars, wall calendars, cd jewel cases... tons of designs, how you want your setup, holidays for all Countries, customizable at your best!

...or use some gifts from the web with some free printables:

Design Love Fest 2013 calendar

Owl Lover 2013 Calendar
the calendar for the OWL lover with so many designs to pick from @ my owl barn

if you love dots this 2013 calendar is for you! @ the twinery blog

the sweet 2013 calendar @ eat drink chic

love this simple print with a splash of color @ the tomkat studio
template to make this fun faceted desktop 2013 calendar @ home life weekly

several free printables, including this one perfect for the "foodies" @ home life weekly

make your pictures into calendars: 10 beautiful free templates @ creative blog

xox, d.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY knitting: Maison Martin Margiela

extra chunky: beanie & cowl

Were you wondering what I wanted to knit with the extra-chunky yarn?
Inspired by Maison Martin Margiela,
I made an extra chunky and warm beanie with extra large pom-pom
and a matching cowl!

top: MM6 on polyvore - collage by moi

both knitted using my giant circular needle.

supplies - how to:

for this set, I used 8-1/2 balls of this merino wool in denim color,
5 for the cowl and 3-1/2 for the hat.

- I made the etra-chunky yarn using my Caron Embellish-Knit! Machine Kit (took me about 40 minutes for each ball)

- knitting circular needle: Addi Turbo Circular Knitting Needles US 36 (20mm) 40 inches (100cm) long ... or make your own: tutorial here

- a  large wool needle.

how to attach two ends of the extra-chunky i-cord yarn:

Because the yarn is so bulky, using a russian knot isn't an option, but because the yarn is actually a knit, 
I joined the two ends together using the yarn of one of the tail.
Put the two ends together with open stitches mirroring each other.
Use the tail of one of the ends and pass the needle into two upper stitches, and into the two lower stitches (and passing the needle into the stitch that belong to the tail).
Keep doing this procedure all around, until the two ends are joined together and wave the ends inside the i-cord.
Cut the excess and the yarn is virtually seamless. 

Extra chunky knitted cowl:

The cowl consists into 31 stitches knitted in stockinette onto a circular needle for 17 rows.
Bind off all the stitches and leave few inches extra yarn: make a chain stitch to close the two sides seamless: by looping the yarn around the first stitch that was binded off and pass int into the last binded off stich: unravel the i-cord until very close to the chain stitch and close the open stitches tight and onto the binded off stitch.

Extra chunky knitted beanie:

- cast on 6 stitches with the circular needle using the provisional method
- at the 3rd row, increase 1 st. every 2 st.
- at the 5th row, increase 1 st. every 3 st.
- at the 7th row, increase 1 st. every 2 st.
- at the 9th row, increase 1 st. every 2 st.

tot. 27 stitches.
keep circular knitting for another 9 rows.
Bind off and close the last binded off stitch making a chain stitch, just like on the cowl.

Unravel the cast on stitches with the different color, and use some yarn to close the open stitches in a knot.

Make a pom-pom:

* Cut two 3" diameter circles with a 1" diameter hole in the middle
* overlap the two circles
* wrap the yarn over until the hole if completely full
* using tini scissors, pierce inside the wrap and start cutting all around the round, separating the two circles.
* wrap yarn around few times and make a strong secure knot.

Sew the pom-pom onto the top of the beanie going through several times with the needle.

Stay warm!!!
xox, d. 

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY baroque specs and sunnies

baroque is head to toes this season: let's DIY it

I'm having so much fun experimenting with polymer clay.
This DIY is VERY simple, but the result is "totes-amaze"!

I've been seeing baroque specs and sunglasses here and there, and all of them (with very few exceptions) have sky high price-tags.

My inspiration board

my inspiration board on polyvore

I have a large quantity of black sunnies, some of them I don't wear very often anymore, and I buy my reading glasses by the dozen (really) at the dollar store. 
While I love my sunglasses black, I love my reading glasses quirky and full of colors.

DIY baroque sunnies & specks: the supplies:

* polymer clay in the color of your glasses (or in a contrast color, if you want to make an even more WOW look)
* a baroque mold - this is 1 of 4 moulds in the Martha Stewart Crafts Silicon Mold, Frame and Flourishes
X-ACTO Z Series #1 Knife with Cap (XZ3601)
* toaster oven

Any tool, surface, oven, rolling pin, knife, cookie cutter or pasta machine that comes in contact with polymer clay CANNOT be used EVER AGAIN with anything else than polymer clay!

DIY baroque specs and sunnies the how-to /tutorial:

* condition your clay: I had to mix two colors to get close to the color of my specs.
It came out a bit lighter, ... but I fixed that... keep reading :)

* Push the the clay into the mold, making sure that all these tiny "swiggly cavities" are filled with clay

* Use the knife to cut the clay perfectly even to the mold, so you won't have extra clay and extra thickness on your glasses.

You can pick whether to bake the clay into the mold or pulling the clay out of the mold: 
I tried both: I pulled the magenta parts out of the mold, while I baked the black ones inside the mold.
I have to say, it's much easier to pop these pieces out of the mold once backed, because the shape is quite intricate and I had to struggle a bit with the magenta ones.

Bake in the oven for the required time on your polymer clay.

this is the result after baking!
See the color of the pink / magenta is an exact match?
I admit I got lucky: but to achieve a darker shade, I baked this batch at a slightly higher temperature, and they came out just perfect.

* Once all the pieces are baked, keep your oven warm for a little, you're going to need it again.

* Hold one or two pieces at the time while you're wearing the glasses and look into a mirror, to figure out your pattern.

* I used two empty jars to keep my glasses {sort of} in a workable position, and placed a tiny drop of  E 6000 glue  only on the contact spots.

Why keeping your oven warm?

Because the frames aren't flat, so you'll need to put back in the oven a piece at the time (for less than a minute) to soften it up and glue it on the fame, molding the baroque accent to your needs.

* Once the glue is dry, apply with a tiny brush a coat of shiny clear paint or nail polish, and {of course} let dry. 

Wear with pride!!

Check other DIY bloggers versions: A matter of Style - just like Kyla - chic-steals

xox, d.

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