Friday, December 2, 2011

shopping spree

Going back to Italy 
(although will be only temporary)
gave me the alibi chance to have a

Last week I indulged myself in a bit of a cyber-shopping between Amazon and Ebay for craft supplies...

This is what I got:

round studs in silver, gunmetal, turquoise and aqua

 and last but certainly not least:

In other words, be prepared to see these beauties in full action once I'll get to the other side of the Atlantic!!!

xox, d.


  1. Good thing you did all the stash busting to make room for new supplies!
    Have a safe trip and have fun crafting in your new home.

  2. Can't wait! And I'm absolutly resolved to go to Milan next February and I#m sure i can't help myself there regarding shopping...

    have a great trip and time there!

  3. cyber shopping is always great!!!hugs

  4. Oh how fun! Safe and creative travels to you!


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