Sunday, December 11, 2011

repurposed Christmas ornaments

... Christmas can be:
... and Repurposed 
... and Scented too!!

I made these two small topiary Christmas trees for the powder-room.
... because I needed something that would be "powder-room-appropriate".

When I was a kid I used to collect samples perfume bottles...
(Yes, I still have these. 
No, I NEVER even think of throw them away.
You see? They came out just right for this project,
that should be renamed "VINTAGE perfume bottles Christmas trees"... whatever.)

And because I use a lot of yarn that comes from a sort of a wholesale outlet, I have a lot of cardboard cones.
(Next time I'll go there I promise you, I'm taking pictures. It's a wool/ cotton/ fiber/ yarn paradise.)

The cone you can easily make using a piece of cardboard. 
But with my cones ready to go, my powder room Christmas edition was ready in few minutes.

I cut a piece of white fabric, wrapped and glued around the cones, and had some "quality time" with my glue gun!!! 
One blob of glue and one bottle after the next, my ornaments for the powder-room were ready in 5 minutes!

Killed two birds with one stone: 
repurposed my cones 
and my sample perfume bottles in once!

Have a wonderful and scented Christmas (and green, too) !!!

xox, d.
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