Monday, December 5, 2011

{mini} Christmas mantel

This tutorial is so fast and easy, 
if you have a dollhouse you {have} to make it!!!

--> ALL YOU NEED (not very much)

- a longer craft wood stick (mine is just a bit shorter than the mantel)
- few inches of lace
- few inches of ribbon
- scissors
- glue
- sew-on hooks

easy peasy!!!

1* glue the lace onto the edge of the popsicle stick, 
     leaving about 1/4" off the edge 
2* glue the ribbon on top of the popsicle stick and the lace
3* mark on the wrong side, where you want your hooks
4* glue the hooks to the lace (or sew it... I used glue)
5* hang your {mini} stockings!!!!

I made the stockings few years ago, just used some red and white flannel (I cut off two dust bags), then I sew around with a mini-mattress stitch, and hand stitched a snowflake on the red ones and a mini-tree on the white ones!!

xox, d.
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