Wednesday, December 28, 2011

inside-out houndstooth

While running last-minute errands 
and going nuts while moving... 
I couldn't help but stopping in for a "quickie" at Daffy.

It was sort of a good-bye thing, I wasn't looking for anything, just a "Hi and Good-bye" to the store that always made me happy finding clothing gems.

And I saw something that got my attention, it looked pretty much like this.

I mean... I couldn't just ignore it. (I know you're with me on this one!)
There it was the perfect houndstooth little black&white soft thing.

One second later: big disappointment!
What is this, Ms. Juicy Couture, to put the houndstooth inside and leave the outside with the "wrong side" of the houndstooth, with just a little "right side" on the pockets?

Nope: so wrong. (In picture doesn't look nearly as bad as it is in real life)

But this sweater came home with me.

The original idea was to work my eyes off with my seam-ripper and sew it back with the houndstooth on the front as it is supposed to be.
But: reality check...

Pockets came off right away (and I'm not sewing them back on the right side, I believe could be used on something else, maybe to hide a hole??), and when I started to open the seams on the side, it took me about 20 minute for less than one inch.

You know what this mean? 
I will wear it with the exposed seams. 
At the end, I just stitched the buttons on the right side of the houndstooth.
Note to the designers: 
it is called RIGHT side and WRONG side for a reason.
if you do something, do it RIGHT.
Got it??

Long story short: this was a very small project.
A shorter hem, adding a small trim, changing buttons, ... wearing inside-out: these are all very small projects that can bring a new life to something that would not be appealing otherwise.

xox, d.
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