Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY leather scales

Repetition, repetition, repetition 
If you want the bold look... 
... repeat. 
Over and over again.

left picture from Outsapop - collage by moi

Inspiration comes from a Jose Castro dress FW 2009.
I don't wear dresses, but I could handle a cardigan!

This is probably the project that was dragged the longest into the HDPP (Half Done Project Pile).
It seriously killed me.

Back to the How-to:

I found at Goodwill a pair of butter soft leather pants brand new, with tag for 15$.

Got them, open all the seams, and draw and cut endless circles in three different sizes.
(approx sequins diameters: large: 2-1/2", medium 1-1/2", small 1-1/16")
And punch a hole in each one.

I also cut two rectangular pieces and sliced every 1/8" until 1/4" to the top to be rolled over the wool-ties and make them into tassels.

Next, get needle and thread and start to sew the circles onto my cardigan.
I started from the bottom going on my way up.
(I covered in leather scales the front and the back, BTW)

...Only to find out that one pair of pants wasn't enough.
Find another pair of soft pants (Ebay, this time), wait for the box to show up at home, and do it all over again.

In case you're curious, yes, you DO get blisters on your hands.
I used a pair of tiny sharp manicure curved scissors to do the cutting, and these are T-I-N-Y!
And they kill your fingers.

And keep sewing: until you can.
Then drop it and let few days go by, because you can't stand that stupid sewing anymore.
And then go back and keep marching, because it's coming out really cool and you can't wait to wear that freaking tie up cardi!!!

End of the story.
It's really finished and I'm going to wear it until it's falling apart. 

xox, d.
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