Wednesday, November 30, 2011

it's starting to look a lot like {mini} Christmas

Well it's that time of the year 
when the little people 
decide to put up their Christmas tree and the ornaments...

Unfortunately, the dollhouse is getting wrapped and crated and will be unveiled again... at some point.
But wanted to look "pretty in red" for the last time ;)

The front yard is an explosion of red, white and gold. 
Do you like the mini-Nativity? I love it! 

And the indoor tree is up as well. 
... and the snowman with the big candy cane.

I made the snowman few years ago, with crayola clay and toothpicks and dress him up with a red scarf and a pom-pom hat ;)

To give the "snow" effect to the clay, once dried, I used some tacky glue and rolled "Frosty" into some sand. 

And then painted ... I used a Dollar Store nail polish in pearl white!!

Do you like the mantel with the mini-stockings ?

... I have a mini-tutorial coming up for you! 

xox, d.


  1. awww... I just love the xmasy look that everything is getting right now...guess I'll put up my xmas tree in the weekend!

  2. Oh I love miniatures!!! Your doll house looks so ready for Christmas. I wish I lived there.

  3. I LOVE this dollhouse! I want my daughter to have one like this when she is older.


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