Friday, November 4, 2011

everybody loves houndstooth

Is houndstooth the new black?

well, I'm not sure about that, 
since in my closet... 
black is always the new black.

But, one thing for sure .... 
I always loved black & white  houndstooth.

I bought these things about... (blushing) #@%@# years ago.

Does this mean that now these accessories are "vintage"?

I have been sporting my houndstooth rain hat every since I bought it, with the matching gloves.

The pashmina has a slightly bigger pattern which I wouldn't mind to wear with the hat & gloves if it wasn't for the fact that the white is more of an off-white and they don't look too good together.

But hey... I wouldn't mind to play matchy matchy
with these stunning pumps!

photo of the pumps from

I have to admit, 
the sole with the smaller pattern make me love these pumps even more
 {if that could be possible}

In my wish-list :)

xox, d.
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