Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY wrapped watch

I've seen it now around and in every single board on Pinterest...

The most coveted fun wrapped watches 
by La Mer.
I {HAD} to make my DIY version.

Here the side-by-side pictures:

photo of the original watch: La Mer

...and unleashed
photo of the original watch: La Mer

what you need and the tutorial:

Seemed pretty DIYable to me since it's nothing like a regular watch with longer straps and chains.
Good enough to me, since (are you tired of hear this?) I had everything from previous projects, and the watch too - an old one that needs a new battery, now!


1* Add one split ring to one side of the watch and get one side of the chains on another split ring

2* Cut two strips of thin leather size 1" x 13", glue the center on the wrong side, and fold 1/4" on both sides for the length, leaving about 1" un-glued at one side.

3 & 4 * Pass the un-glued leather under the side of the watch and fold the sides to overlap the folded part of the strap.

5* Repeat on the other side and put a drop of glue to keep it in place.

6* Punch the holes: one on both sides of the quadrant of the watch, and three at the bottom of one of the straps, where you want your buckle.

7* Hammer the rivets with the tool that comes with the rivets.

8* Connect the split ring next to the watch with the one where the chains are, lay the chains flat next to the straps and cut the chains slightly longer. - see picture -

9* Try the watch on and decide where to cut the strap.

10* Punch a hole next to the edge of the strap and place another rivet.

11* Punch 3 or 4 holes on the strap and...

12* You're done!
- Optional -

Un-leash your imagination and add charms, beads, studs & more!

and... WEAR often!!!

xox, d.

will party here

P.S.: Do you believe that bright {crafty} & {knockoffy} minds think alike??

Check what jewelry knockoff celebrity, A.K.A. Bev @ Flamingo Toes made.
We were probably playing with the same tools in the same day on opposite sides of the globe! LOL!!
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