Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY packing tips: ties

Husband loves his ties.
He loves his ties A LOT. 
And he owns A LOT of them.

I'll show you how to pack ties in a way that:

a - ties won't get ruined during the move
b - you won't have so much trouble having to press all of these once you open that box.

Follow this step-by-step tutee!!

By folding one bag into the other, you won't have any hard crease on the ties and they will be ready to wear without any further care!

xox, d.


  1. What great tips! does he ever let you craft with the ones he doesn't want anymore? ( -: I wanted to say thank you for the very kind comment you left for me about my dog heartbreak. I knew we had to do it but it just breaks my heart. Our new addition is Sophie and she's just a sweet little furball right how... hard to believe she'll be 70lbs when she's all grown up. Thanks again for your thoughtful note. xo Malia

  2. Oh, this is a very good idea. I would never have thought of it. Thanks so much!


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