Monday, November 14, 2011

DIY Marni necklace

marni recycled plastic necklace: a DIY 

This is the necklace that I made for my assigned partner in the winter edition of the handmade gift exchange @ Craftaholics Anonymous.
She received it yesterday, so I can show it now!
She wrote me that she likes it very much and her daughter named it "the mermaid necklace"!

I exchanged few emails with my partner Julie, 
and she told me that two of her favorite colors are 
blue and green 

I'm the kind of person that can make/give a present only of something I like, therefore I found with these key colors an easy path since blue and green are two of my favorite, too.

I started to think, and did some browsing in my "to-do folder", where I found this Marni necklace that I've been wanting to make for quite some time.
At 420$ the Marni one might be "green" but my bank account will be "red"!!

I had the fleece and the ribbon, but if you need these, 
your necklace will end up about ... let's say 5$? 
...about 1/90 of the Marni one!!

left picture from net-a-porter, collage by moi
Since the original necklace is made out of plastic bottles, I thought... seriously?
I have a green, blue and clear bottle, and I can make my own version with the colors I want!

Enough words: let's get to work!

how-to: DIY tutorial

First, I printed out the picture of the necklace
from the net-a-porter site, enlarging the picture to a 145%.

Cut out the printout and you'll get the pattern for your bib.
Mark the pattern on the fleece or felt, and cut it.
Attach 1 yard of ribbon on each side of the bib.
And you've done for the base part.

To make the sequins, follow this step-by-step photo tutorial:
(15 plastic circles x 3 colors = 45 total)

First, wash, dry and cut the bottom and the top of the bottles.
Then cut it open to obtain a rectangular sheet of plastic.

Once you have all your sequins 
it's like sewing overlapping buttons.

Note: ... to make this necklace
took me about 4 hours. some planning in my head ;)

xox, d.

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