Friday, November 11, 2011

DIY AMcQ distressed silk trim

This is project that will 
"save" an old and torn sweater, 
by "destroying" it even more.

In love with this Alexander McQueen sweater from last year, all you need is an old sweater (and if it has holes, really doesn't matter), and less than a yard of white/cream silk - which I had (I actually used an old and torn blouse).

Here the side-by-side final result... not bad, uh? 
Just saved 1500 $

picture on the right: stile hive, collage by moi
picture on the right I believe was from Nordstrom, collage by moi

... and this is how I made it:

xox, d.


  1. That is a dead ringer for the real deal.

  2. This is the best likeness to the inspiration diy I have ever seen. Love it!
    Check out some of my diys

  3. You are sooooo creative! I love it!

  4. WOW this is so close to the real thing it's not funnny! What a fantastic job you've done and look at all the money you saved. I want one now!

  5. Wow! You really replicated that sweater well. Impressive!

  6. Saw this on nifty thrifty and had to come check it out - LOVE IT! And it's completely doable. Thanks for sharing.
    Stephanie @ All Artful

  7. Unbelievable! Yours looks every bit as good as the original! But $1500??? do people actually pay that for a frayed woolly jumper??

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. You are just going to have to come to my house and do your magic in my closet.
    Have a great week,
    Ps don't forget to add this to the linking party :)

  9. Oh my goodness -- this is just fabulous! How clever you are to have copied this with such attention to detail!

  10. amazing job! yours looks better than the original! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling sunday!

  11. Love it. Looks just like the original.


  12. I think you'd be hard pressed to tell that's not the original. Awesome job:)


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