Tuesday, October 4, 2011

stash pledge

When it's the right time to say: 
Enough is Enough?

... probably long time ago ;) !!

Anyway, this is for real: from now on I'm fully committed on making things using my ginormous stash.

This will include:

* fabric
* yarn
* trims
* leather
* metal
* beads

and whatever crap there is in that closet!!

I might go to the store to buy few thing here and there, BUT ONLY IF the purpose of the buy is relevant to the large usage of THE STASH.

I'm totally serious, I swear.

xox, d.


  1. I need to do the same, it's getting out of control!!!

  2. It's not our fault! No really. The yarns, fabrics, buttons, zippers, threads and applications just call out to us 'buy us, you can make so much gorgious stuff with us'... it's not our fault that we are the chosen ones to hear the call ;-)
    Ahem ahem... repeat this to your SO as often as needed!

  3. Oh boy, do I know that feeling.

  4. I keep telling myself the same thing but somehow keep accumulating more stuff! Good luck using up some of your stash!

  5. I made that exact promise last week, and then went to my favourite thrift store only to come home with 11/2 meters of thermal quilted fabric. ;) But I will never have to buy oven mitts again. Ever.

  6. I keep telling myself and keep breaking the good commitment I make... hope you'll be better than me!
    and still... I think a stash is never large enough! :D


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