Friday, October 7, 2011

leather beads necklace

The more I dig into the Brook&Lyn
lookbook for next spring/summer 2012


The fact that I had everything on hand and didn't have to spend a penny made it even more (if possible) irresistible...

--> What you need:

* two round "templates" one of about 2", the other about 1-1/8" diameter
* thick leather
* vinyl glue and an old brush
* clips
* scissors
* a rope or yarn to make your own
* a clasp
* needle and thread

--> And here's how you can make the leather star beads:

* cut 5 round pieces of leather both for the  2" and the 1" diameter
* apply some glue on slightly less than half part of the circle
* place the other circle on top and clip it
* keep doing this until you get the shape of a 5 point star with a hole in the middle
* repeat for the other bead

Now, thread a cord or a rope through the leather beads.
I made an icord and twisted it to make it slightly thicker and use that, but everything works.

Added a clasp, and made loops wrapped in leather to give it the 'pull together' look!

Perfect. And didn't take long at all to make!!

xox, d.

will party here
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