Saturday, October 29, 2011

inspired by: jet-lag activity

Good {early} morning, world!

When I'm jet-lag... I am pretty much in: 
can't sleep - have to do something - right now - state of mind

Therefore, loaded with a good amount of caffeine...
I started to play with blogger, and one thing lead to another
where there are all the links of the DIY and tutorials organized

(in alphabetical order, too)

I thought that rather than add more and more tags on my sidebar, 
which looks already crowded enough,
having a page (which I have to remember to keep updated, but I will) 
would be a better option.

By clicking on the picture of the inspiration DIY or tutorial, you'll be directed to the original post... 
(That implies that this morning at 4:00 am I was also learning some HTML tricks!!!)

If you want to know how, this is where I found the tutorial:

It's really easy to follow (if I could make it, you can too: FOR SURE)

Let me know what you think of this page and if you like it!!

xox, d.

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