Friday, October 21, 2011

hunted dollhouse

It's well known here
that the little people 
like to decorate their home. 
...A LOT.

The little people are ready to go trick or treating 
...with their costumes
(and looks like the little kids will have a stomachache tomorrow)

There is a whole a lot going on here. Little-Lucky dog on the side is freaked out and wants to go away :)

...And this is a full view of the Hunted Dollhouse!

Trick or treat?

All the decor was made by moi last year:

Pumpkins are made with crayola clay.
The ghosts are square of light fabric with a stand made of wire
The skull and the bones again, crayola clay.
The candy are pieces of candy wrapper with a little bead inside. 
The candy corn are crayola clay cut in triangles and painted.
The costumes are scraps piece of fabric, lace and leatherette.
The wreath on the front door is made with some leftover purple yarn and tissue paper.
The bats are made with leatherette and fishing line.
The treats bags are just like real paper bags, but much smaller!

I couldn't put together tutorials - no time! 

xox, d.

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