Tuesday, October 11, 2011

how to: fake embroidery

This project here 
is for the audience out there 
that doesn't know how to embroider!

There are a lot of things you can do refashion-wise if you know how to embroider. 
But embroidery is no joke, it's a real art, and I'm for sure in the large part of people that know nothing about it. (beside a little cross stitch and needle point, yeah, right) 

That's why I managed to cheat! ah!!

{all from my stash!!}
All you need is:

* plain sweater (or twin set)
* ruffle yarn (Sundance Frill Yarn)
* thin yarn for sewing
* wool needle
* scissors

Follow the easy-peasy step-by-step photo-tutorial !

Once finished with the fake/faux embroidery, rinse your sweater and lay flat to dry.

left pic: anthropologie- collage by moi  

I've got the idea from one of last year's Anthropologie sweater: I liked a lot the right side - not much the left part ;)

xox, d.

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