Wednesday, October 26, 2011

got fishtail?

Got tail?
a DIY one, indeed. 
Phillip Lim you inspired me, again.

This sweater refashion is in my 'DIY' folder since last year, and for one thing or another, I didn't get around to do it until today.

left picture from net-a-porter, collage by moi
and... the B side

left picture from net-a-porter, collage by moi

I started from a cashmere twin set: the short sleeves shell was perfectly fine, while the cardigan was getting a bit worn out in the front.

First, I ripped off the sleeves on both, then sew the long sleeves onto the shell.

--> The Tutorial

I tried to get pictures of the process, but working with dark colors doesn't help my clueless as a photographer.

Plus, I don't have much time to try to learn, since, heck, I'm also packing!
Therefore: my shortcut is my notebook!

Once you have your panel, pin it starting from the center, onto the top part of the cut, and work until you get to the end of both sides.
I hand sew it using some yarn that I unraveled from one of the sleeves.
Don't pull the knit, and work slowly.

Note that this kind of alteration will work only with a light knit, if the knit is chunky, the result would be clumsy.

It's really not worth it to destroy a twin set if you can avoid it, but you can still MAKE IT WORK (gotta love Tim Gunn!!) with a similar weight knit in a different color or with a lighter / darker shade of the same top you're working with.

xox, d.

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