Thursday, October 13, 2011

diy foldover trousers

(and how I'm killing two birds with one stone)

One very large amount of my stash consists in clothes that, 
for one reason or another, 
are in need of a makeover.

With the great inspiration from Phillip Lim (yes, him, again) I'm going to kill two birds with one stone by using my stash and create a pair of pants that fits out of these these two unusable pairs.
... Mission accomplished!

pictures from shopbop , collage by moi

Here we have exhibit # 1 & #2, which are two fine pairs of pants that have issues (in fabric of similar weight)
#1 doesn't fit anymore (let's say that it shrunk...)
#2 has a rip on the back of one leg.

-->Here's how I made it:

1 & 2 * Dissection the two pay of pants, by ripping off the seams. On the camel one, need to rip off only the external one.
3* find the middle line on the legs and overlap the black one onto the camel one, giving that little extra room on the hips (so it will fit again)

1* make sure that everything is symmetrical, measure again and again, then sew a straight line onto the middle line
2* now, fold the black pants and sew the black side with the back of the camel side
3* there will be a lot of fabric on the inside, but try them on and make sure they fit right, then you can cut the extra fabric on the inside

With the extra fabric in the camel color, I'm cutting a replacement part for the front belt of the pants, and three belt loops (this is all I could do with the scrap fabric).
Since I'm giving my pants about an extra inch, the belt is now too short.
The right side still fits because had the under button (which I'm not using anymore), but the left side is now too short.

Now, I'm putting together the belt, the belt loops, and making the slits at the bottom, 
and I'm finally done.
... and happy!

xox, d.

will party here
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