Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY halloween costume - the night

Between unpacking and reorganizing, these days, I don't have much time for anything else.

...But it's HALLOWEEN!

For the party I made a quick costume with what I had and what I could find in a single trip to the local supermarket (while buying groceries).

Many years ago I bought in Venice this gorgeous Half Moon mask, 
made of papier maché and covered in gold foil.

Having this mask as a start, 
I decided to make "the night" as a costume.

What I already had:

In my mom's stash ... blue tulle (about 3yards) and blue ribbon (about 2 yards)
From a previous costume I had a pair of goldish gloves.

What I bought:

Local supermarket sells these gold and blue glow in the dark stickers with stars and moons (in the toys section).

--> Make a night costume in few steps:

I doubled the tulle and ruffled at the top, and sew on the ruffled edge some blue satin ribbon.

Then I placed the stars all over the outer layer of the tulle, and hand stitch a single stitch on the star, to make it stay.

With some leftover tulle, I wrapped my head and made a bow in the back.

Ring and bracelet are two hair elastic bands with  two stars and two moons sticked on both side of the elastic to make it stay.

A blue dress and a blue pair of shoes... these are real clothes. 
Ready to party!

Happy Halloween ★☆NIGHT★☆ to you!!
xox, d.

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