Wednesday, October 5, 2011

pearls and chains will do the trick

That grey plain cardi...
we all have one in the closet!
...Let's make it less plain :)
Pearls and chains will do the trick!

photo on the left: twin-set

I saw the ads for this embellished cardigan from Twin-Set by Simona Barbieri 
(it's an italian brand, pretty sure is almost unknown here in the U.S.)
and thought... I have {almost} everything I need!!

Obeying the pledge, I had all in my stash except for the velvet ribbon. 
3 yards - 3$ 

Follow the easy step-by step pictures for the tutorial!

Just make sure to sew with very small stitches and secure the edges of the chains nicely tight, don't pull the edges of the cardigan while you're sewing or it will look all wobbly. 

Don't rush it!
It took more time that I would thought. 
Yes, a good two hours. 

xox, d.

will party here
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