Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Coming home after a nice vacation.
Bringing back memories...

... a nice tan...
and some souvenirs.

...Because we all like a little shopping.

This is what my husband and I brought back from our trip to Sardinia.

You can clearly notice that our shopping tours don't end up in the same stores...
...and if you're planning a trip to Sardinia, put on the budget that you'll be on a diet for the rest of your days. 
Even I, not a particularly food lover nor a food fanatic, can't resist all the delicious things that the coocking of this island can offer.
As a matter of fact, as an unwanted souvenir, I brought back also some extra pounds that will be rather painful and unpleasant to loose. 
- silver is much lighter to carry than several cheeses, sausages, sweets, bottarga and wine
- silver doesn't make your refrigerator smell like an old tennis shoe being carried by a wet dog 
- silver lasts. food lasts too, but in the wrong parts of your body

I'll rather buy silver.

Here a closeup of my souvenirs. 

And, who cares about closeups of cheese. 
silver wins, again.
What's your "style" souvenirs speaking?

xox, d.

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