Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Coming home after a nice vacation.
Bringing back memories...

... a nice tan...
and some souvenirs.

...Because we all like a little shopping.

This is what my husband and I brought back from our trip to Sardinia.

You can clearly notice that our shopping tours don't end up in the same stores...
...and if you're planning a trip to Sardinia, put on the budget that you'll be on a diet for the rest of your days. 
Even I, not a particularly food lover nor a food fanatic, can't resist all the delicious things that the coocking of this island can offer.
As a matter of fact, as an unwanted souvenir, I brought back also some extra pounds that will be rather painful and unpleasant to loose. 
- silver is much lighter to carry than several cheeses, sausages, sweets, bottarga and wine
- silver doesn't make your refrigerator smell like an old tennis shoe being carried by a wet dog 
- silver lasts. food lasts too, but in the wrong parts of your body

I'll rather buy silver.

Here a closeup of my souvenirs. 

And, who cares about closeups of cheese. 
silver wins, again.
What's your "style" souvenirs speaking?

xox, d.


  1. now, the shots of the comparison of your shopping tours really cracked me up! I couldn't help laughing my heart out! Sure: silver always wins!!!! but I do admit food is a good companion...yes, especially on my hips!!! My parents are originally from Sardinia and I am hopelessly addicted to their nougat...
    Oh well...
    Are you already heading back to the states?

  2. That is a truly beautiful ring. Of course the bracelet is beautiful too.
    Wine is good too! But you are right, silver wins.


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