Friday, September 30, 2011

say it with flowers

A 5 petals flower, with beads in the middle. 

I spotted this wire flower at the MoMA Store few years ago. 
I don't remember the designer, and couldn't find it online. 
If you happen to recognize it, please let me know who designed it, so I can give credit.


--> What you need:

This is a good "beads buster", since you can use beads of different size, colors and materials :) 

* About 20 beads (depends how big you want the inside of your flower)
* 13" of sterling silver 18 gauge Half Hard 
* 15" of sterling silver 24 gauge Hard
* round nose pliers
* a big marker, or something round (to coil the wire onto)

--> Tutorial:

* coil the 18 gauge HH wire around the marker
* with your hands, split open the circles to create a 5 petals flower
* with the pliers, loop the two ends of the wire and cut the excess
* take the 24 gauge H silver and pass it through the middle of the flower and twist it in the middle
* start threading one bead at the time, and pass the wire up and down the centre of the flower (same as you were sewing)
* once one end of the wire is too short, start with the other side until you're happy with the overall look.
* loop the ends of the wire with the pliers so it won't be pocking you!

At this point you can pick wether you want a ring, a pendant or a pin.
For the pendant, add a jumping and a chain or a cord, for making a ring or a pin, take a base ring or a base pin, get busy with your glue gun and stick the flower on top of the base!

The first one will be a bit time consuming, but then you get the hang of it and you can't stop!!

xox, d.

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