Wednesday, September 14, 2011

@ milanounica

Yesterday I went to heaven... 
well, I've been to  MilanoUnica
the textile trade fair being host in Milan twice a year.
Pretty much like heaven, right?
The September edition is Fall/Winter, 
in this case about 2012/13 trends.
What can I say?

I was busted several times trying to take pictures, and finally gave up and came home with just lots of extremely confused notes, and who knows what I'll be able to remember... try to explain to these guys that all I wanted was keeping track of inspirations for my crafty projects and not trying to copy a "Made in Italy" production in the far East... whatever.

Anyway, after a whole day looking at fabrics, buttons, buckles, trims... you get home and feel sorry for yourself for not having all these beauties in your {already too big} stash.

Now all I want is go out and buy more. Darn!!!

Being a whole day in such an overwhelming place made my mind go in spinning mode.

--> What I saw {better, What I liked}
(no pictures, sorry, I really wanted to, but ... BUSTED!)
* Lot of laser cut: leather, silk, nylon.
* Jewel's tones: sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst.
* Brocades and Damasks
* Thick acrylic paint prints onto heavy knits
* Feathers and fur trimming
* Beads, sparkles, crystals
* Flowers and reptiles prints (all in once)

Well... if I'll be lucky I'll have some time to digest the massive amount of information and try to get out something nice!

xox, d.


  1. To bad you couldn't take any pictures...I'm liking the laser cut fabrics and the painted knits. My mind is racing with just what you offered its so hard to imagine how many ideas are popping up in

  2. What a life you lead! I'm sure that your creative brain absorbed all the details and you will produce some amazing projects. You have not only been to heaven but have seen the future.

  3. Sounds like a great day for someone who's into sewing. I could easily spend a day there, too. I would have loved to see picture but I get their point of view. Product spionage is real.

  4. glad I didn't know about this...or I would have definitely spent way too much money over a stash that is already way too large!

  5. tu pensa se devo sapere che alla fiera vicino casa c'è un evento per cui farei carte false solo nella giornata di chiusura da una blogger d'oltreoceano... vabbè aspetterò la prossima edizione e magari ci vedremo lì

  6. ah che darei per essere nel paradiso delle stoffe!
    Io trovo sempre difficoltà insormontabili per trovarne, non so perchè ma nessuno cuce più, non nelle vicinanze almeno!


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