Tuesday, September 27, 2011

leather encased agate

I was browsing my favorite online places for inspiration, when (of course) I stumbled upon Brook&lyn and saw the lookbook for next spring/summer 2012.
Jaws dropped!
Heavy leather, cords, glass, more leather! Total love!

...But reality check is: we are at the end of September 2011, and Summer 2012 feels so far away is not even funny :(
...But I loved this stuff. 
...Couldn't wait.
I made my Fall/Winter 2011 version ;)


My version is leather and an agate slice: I guess is pretty obvious at this point (as previously seen here, here, and here)  that I love the slices of agate...
I picked a very light white/grey stone, which has a lot of transparency.
Combined with some thick dark chocolate leather, and a grey upholstery rope.
...This has become immediately my new favorite piece.

--> This is how I made it:

1* Cut two rectangles of leather about 1-1/2" wider and 3" longer than your agate slice; on the first piece of leather, place the stone on the leather and go perfectly around with the pen, then flip the stone on the other side and mark with the pen again. On the second piece of leather, mark with the pen the exact contour of the slice, but then make another contour about 1/8 smaller. Cut the for holes in the leather, two of the exact size of the stone, and two smaller.

2* Apply generously the glue and place the two pieces together, leaving the one with the wider holes on the inside.

3* Apply glue on slightly less than half of the leather and on the inner circle of the other half.

4* Place your stone in the leather encasing, flip the leather in half so that the stone will be completely encased: secure with some clips while the glue will dry.
Note that the middle part, where you're folding the piece of leather, need to be clean without any glue, that is where the cord will go though.

Even if I tried to cut the leather perfectly smooth, I wasn't happy with the edges that were looking too "amateurish". I wanted a clean, sharp cut.
...I ended up sharpening a good knife and worked out perfectly!
(ok, don't tell my husband or he'll kill me!!)

... At this point all I had to do was to pass some upholstery cord through the pendant, and add the clasp!

xox, d.
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