Friday, September 9, 2011

lace scalloped hem shorts

These shorts were actually pants.
Last year, I was pressing them.
... and I don't know how, but I ruined one leg.
Like, burned. 

Knowing me, I was so not going to get rid of a perfectly good pair of pants, if "only" one leg is burned.
Since I'm not brave enough to go around with a one legged pair of pants, though, I chopped off both legs and added a scalloped heavy weight lace on the hem line.

I first sew it with a straight line, then sew the scalloped edge of the lace to have it better secured in place, and cut the excess fabric around the scalloped seam so the lace details would show up better.

Since the pants' fabric wasn't fraying, it was an easy "quick fix" for my otherwise unwearable pants.

If you're planning in ruining shortening some pants and make something like these....

--> You need:

* measure the leg circumference of your pants at the point where you're going to make the cut
* buy lace (twice as much of the measurement of the leg + few extra inches)
* matching thread

--> How to:

* wear the pants and decide the length (take into consideration the shape and width of your lace)
* cut both legs (keep it slightly longer: better safe than sorry)
* wear again and make sure that the length is correct and eventually adjust
* pin or bast the lace starting from the inner inseam and go all the way around
* sew on your lace around and on the inner legs
* cut the excess fabric on the inside of the pants

...Show off your tan legs!!
Perfect September outfit!

xox, d.

will party here
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