Friday, September 23, 2011

filet crochet: a scarf

Let's talk filet, today.
It's not white
It's not cotton
and it's in size extra long.

If you search "filet crochet" on Google Images you'll see a lot of white and off white curtain panels, doilies, runners, pillow covers and blankets.
But, we all know and saw that in the past few seasons, some of the most popular designers, Missoni and Christopher Kane just to name a few, are incorporating "home decor" techniques to high fashion garments.

... My mom is the 'filet master'!
(I didn't make this, I only picked the color, the pattern, and bought the wool 
(I know, sounds kind of bossy of me, ahaha!!)

While I couldn't find the original design, (it's a two roses motif repeated onto a 19 inches wide by 7 feet long panel), I found this pattern browsing the internet which is very similar.

pattern credits

Even if the scarf is quite wide and long, it doesn't feel too bulky, since filet creates a very thin, net-like fabric, very soft, that can be worn twisted around your neck several times without feeling chocked.
... and it's coming quite handy to hide my ugly neck brace :)
This scarf makes the perfect transitioning accessory, while the month of September is giving us cooler mornings and nights!

...and this masterpiece was made around... 
15 or 20 years ago. 
I guess I was quite fashion forward?!?! ;)

xox, d.

 will party here
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