Wednesday, September 28, 2011

diy phillip lim booties

I've been o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with the Dee-Dee Phillip Lim booties since... ever.
I spotted them last year, and couldn't get these beauties out of my mind.

On my feet.
... My DIY version!

image on the left from

I found on Ebay a pair of Charles David booties in dark brown that could be the right fit for the challenge (at a 41$ including shipping??? in my size??? no brainer!!)

This is not exactly a fast project, but I'm so happy with the result it was wort it!! :)

--> This is how I did:

Measure. And... measure, make paper templates and measure again.

The grommets fringe:
* cut 2 pieces of dark brown leather 12" x 2" and 2 pieces 12" x 1-1/2"
* on the wrong side of the leather, mark an horizontal line at 1/2"
* mark with two tiny lines every 1/2" for the whole length
* cut the vertical lines up to the 1/2" horizontal line
* mark the middle of the 1/2" slot with a dot
* punch holes with the grommet plier in every tiny spot
* place the 1-1/2"  wide strip over the 2" one and sew it on
(I used a leather needle on my machine and works wonders!)
* have fun with all the 96 grommets to ply closed :)

Because this was pretty much a project of trials and errors, I realized that I didn't have enough leather (since I used scraps from my stash...) to make two complete wraps around the ankles, so I ended up making with the leftovers pieces of leather, two more pieces of fringes with grommets of about half the size of the previous one, and stitched under the longer ones.

--> The tassels:

* cut 4 pieces of leather 3" x 5-1/2"
* mark an horizontal line at about 1/2" from the top
* mark dots every 1/8" top and bottom
* connect the dots
* cut all the vertical lines up to the horizontal line on the top
* cut a single string of leather of 1/8" x xxxxxx
* place and glue one side of the string inside the beginning of the fringed piece of leather
* start rolling and glueing until the end

do the same on the other side of the cord and repeat for the next set of tassels.

the DIY equation!!

Now all the boring work is done: time to stitch the grommets fringes and the tassels onto the booties...


xox, d.


  1. wow great find, these Philip Lim booties, and an absolutely fantastic DIY-project you've made of it!! So jealous of this... Have to try this, next time I've got a week or so off.... Thanks for the inspiration! Love, Maria (

  2. boy, this looks complicated, but the final result is stunning: your boots are just the same as the original!!! well done!

  3. Ooh what an amazing DIY - you did fantastic work!

    Sadie x

  4. Awesome job! They look so professional.

  5. they're soooo cute and I'm never bored of fringes and tassels! They look great!

  6. OMG that's a lot of grommets to set. Your booties look better than the original. Love the tassel!

  7. Absolutely LOVE your boots. I think they're nicer than the original!

  8. Wow how sweet! I have a pair of plain black booties that could use this treatment. And being I have a ton of scrap leather and eyelets, I just may have to copycat your idea! Thanks for posting this beautiful project!

  9. Wow! What a great look! I hope you're going to link up at Etetorize tomorrow night! (

  10. Those are so fabulous! Thank you for sharing them, it really gets me thinking how I can redo things in my own closet :)

  11. These are amazing and totally ready to be featured next tuesday! You usual :)

  12. Love this, the tassels are so cute.
    xx Tanya


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