Saturday, September 10, 2011

and the oscar goes to...

oh well, Oscar ... Award... same thing.
it's the BlogLand!

Last week, while I was enjoying the spectacular beaches of Sardinia, 
in the absolute quiet and also kind of frustrated about the slow internet motion, 
I received an award from Kei @ Unfortunately Oh!
I mean... my first award ever :)
Thank you Kei!!

then I've returned back home, 
in the not so frustrating fast internet connection, 
but oh so not happy about laundry and cleaning and... you know...

Yesterday I've got a message from crochet extraordinaire 
Elisabeth Andrée that she awarded me with the same award, too :)
thank you Elisabeth!! 

(That is why I'm posting the button twice, I'm bragging!!! aha!!)

Funny thing? Elisabeth was one of my Awardee, while I was writing this post :) 

The rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award Are:
1 * thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post
2 * Share 7 things about yourself
3 * Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs (15 new blogs. I'm reading & following so many blogs for so long that honestly, I'm not digging into new discoveries lately....)

--> 7 things about me:

1 * I love breakfast, and I have milk with double coffee and a tiny bit of nesquik with 5 cookies every single morning: every single day, my whole life. Can't get tired of it!

2 * I love dogs. Mutts, full breeds and everything in the middle. 
I love cats, too. And ducks, and in general most of fur and feathered animals (NYC rats? mmmhhh... not sure about that)

3 * It's almost impossible for me to get bored. I'm that lucky. I can always find something to do or to make. Worst come to worst, I daydream. 

4 * When it comes to driving directions, I couldn't be worse. In a 50-50 chance to go right or left, I pick 100% the wrong turn!

5 * I hold a mirror when I go to the dentist. Because I have to see what he's doing. And how. ...And eventually discuss/argue about it, while I have the vacuum tube in my mouth (and he's trying to work).

6 * I can't cook. And even the few things I could make, I'm not enjoying, therefore I won't cook. And I'm not interested in food, sorry no recipes in this blog :)

7 * Last, but not least: I course. A lot. And love it. 

(now that you know more things about me that you would like to know... please keep reading my blog!!)

--> and the Oscar Award goes to...


These blogs are recent discoveries. 
Mostly about DIY stuff {how surprising, uh?} 
go check them out, they are full of inspiration!! 

xox, d.

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