Monday, September 19, 2011

agate 4 mom

How could I not make these for my mom?

She loves necklaces, and she is asking me to make some of these for her ever since she saw the very first one I made.
I finally got around to finish.

She picked these two beautiful stones.

She wanted a thinner cord than the kind I normally use.
And for the green one, she also wanted the cord to match the stone.

These necklaces are inspired by the similar ones from designer Brook&Lyn made for Anthropologie and are made with the same technique that I showed in this tutorial: check it out if you want to make some for yourself!

picture from: Anthropologie

Basic crochet skills, and a little patience sewing around the cord. Really, you can make it too!!

...Making mom happy... priceless! 
(and no master card needed!!!)

xox, d.

will party here
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