Friday, September 30, 2011

say it with flowers

A 5 petals flower, with beads in the middle. 

I spotted this wire flower at the MoMA Store few years ago. 
I don't remember the designer, and couldn't find it online. 
If you happen to recognize it, please let me know who designed it, so I can give credit.


--> What you need:

This is a good "beads buster", since you can use beads of different size, colors and materials :) 

* About 20 beads (depends how big you want the inside of your flower)
* 13" of sterling silver 18 gauge Half Hard 
* 15" of sterling silver 24 gauge Hard
* round nose pliers
* a big marker, or something round (to coil the wire onto)

--> Tutorial:

* coil the 18 gauge HH wire around the marker
* with your hands, split open the circles to create a 5 petals flower
* with the pliers, loop the two ends of the wire and cut the excess
* take the 24 gauge H silver and pass it through the middle of the flower and twist it in the middle
* start threading one bead at the time, and pass the wire up and down the centre of the flower (same as you were sewing)
* once one end of the wire is too short, start with the other side until you're happy with the overall look.
* loop the ends of the wire with the pliers so it won't be pocking you!

At this point you can pick wether you want a ring, a pendant or a pin.
For the pendant, add a jumping and a chain or a cord, for making a ring or a pin, take a base ring or a base pin, get busy with your glue gun and stick the flower on top of the base!

The first one will be a bit time consuming, but then you get the hang of it and you can't stop!!

xox, d.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

diy phillip lim booties

I've been o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with the Dee-Dee Phillip Lim booties since... ever.
I spotted them last year, and couldn't get these beauties out of my mind.

On my feet.
... My DIY version!

image on the left from

I found on Ebay a pair of Charles David booties in dark brown that could be the right fit for the challenge (at a 41$ including shipping??? in my size??? no brainer!!)

This is not exactly a fast project, but I'm so happy with the result it was wort it!! :)

--> This is how I did:

Measure. And... measure, make paper templates and measure again.

The grommets fringe:
* cut 2 pieces of dark brown leather 12" x 2" and 2 pieces 12" x 1-1/2"
* on the wrong side of the leather, mark an horizontal line at 1/2"
* mark with two tiny lines every 1/2" for the whole length
* cut the vertical lines up to the 1/2" horizontal line
* mark the middle of the 1/2" slot with a dot
* punch holes with the grommet plier in every tiny spot
* place the 1-1/2"  wide strip over the 2" one and sew it on
(I used a leather needle on my machine and works wonders!)
* have fun with all the 96 grommets to ply closed :)

Because this was pretty much a project of trials and errors, I realized that I didn't have enough leather (since I used scraps from my stash...) to make two complete wraps around the ankles, so I ended up making with the leftovers pieces of leather, two more pieces of fringes with grommets of about half the size of the previous one, and stitched under the longer ones.

--> The tassels:

* cut 4 pieces of leather 3" x 5-1/2"
* mark an horizontal line at about 1/2" from the top
* mark dots every 1/8" top and bottom
* connect the dots
* cut all the vertical lines up to the horizontal line on the top
* cut a single string of leather of 1/8" x xxxxxx
* place and glue one side of the string inside the beginning of the fringed piece of leather
* start rolling and glueing until the end

do the same on the other side of the cord and repeat for the next set of tassels.

the DIY equation!!

Now all the boring work is done: time to stitch the grommets fringes and the tassels onto the booties...


xox, d.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

leather encased agate

I was browsing my favorite online places for inspiration, when (of course) I stumbled upon Brook&lyn and saw the lookbook for next spring/summer 2012.
Jaws dropped!
Heavy leather, cords, glass, more leather! Total love!

...But reality check is: we are at the end of September 2011, and Summer 2012 feels so far away is not even funny :(
...But I loved this stuff. 
...Couldn't wait.
I made my Fall/Winter 2011 version ;)


My version is leather and an agate slice: I guess is pretty obvious at this point (as previously seen here, here, and here)  that I love the slices of agate...
I picked a very light white/grey stone, which has a lot of transparency.
Combined with some thick dark chocolate leather, and a grey upholstery rope.
...This has become immediately my new favorite piece.

--> This is how I made it:

1* Cut two rectangles of leather about 1-1/2" wider and 3" longer than your agate slice; on the first piece of leather, place the stone on the leather and go perfectly around with the pen, then flip the stone on the other side and mark with the pen again. On the second piece of leather, mark with the pen the exact contour of the slice, but then make another contour about 1/8 smaller. Cut the for holes in the leather, two of the exact size of the stone, and two smaller.

2* Apply generously the glue and place the two pieces together, leaving the one with the wider holes on the inside.

3* Apply glue on slightly less than half of the leather and on the inner circle of the other half.

4* Place your stone in the leather encasing, flip the leather in half so that the stone will be completely encased: secure with some clips while the glue will dry.
Note that the middle part, where you're folding the piece of leather, need to be clean without any glue, that is where the cord will go though.

Even if I tried to cut the leather perfectly smooth, I wasn't happy with the edges that were looking too "amateurish". I wanted a clean, sharp cut.
...I ended up sharpening a good knife and worked out perfectly!
(ok, don't tell my husband or he'll kill me!!)

... At this point all I had to do was to pass some upholstery cord through the pendant, and add the clasp!

xox, d.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

burberry-izing a sweater

I love how Burberry 
is turning the British signature 
into a funky-punky-studs-everywhere in the past few seasons.

... and very DIYable as well!

image on the left: net-a-porter
image on the left: net-a-porter

--> What you need:
* Take a plain sweater,
* some studs,
* a pair of pliers
* and about an hour of your time to make the look!

I didn't have a V neck sweater to start with, so I used this round collar one.
The V-neck shape would have been easier to work with because you don't have to deal with the studs going in round... but whateverrrr.

--> How-to:

My studs are 1/2" square pyramid with two prongs.
I had the studs already, bought last year on ebay for about 4$ for 100 pieces.
4 prongs would have worked much better on a sweater, since the wool is stretching, and the prongs tend to slip out.
After hanging the first few ones plied with the prongs on the inside of the stud, I had to take them off and plied the prongs on the outside (they could still come off if pulled, but more unlikely).
Although I still have lots of studs left, I decided to stop at the second round around the neck: my studs are bigger than the Burberry ones, and the overall look, combined with the red sweater to begin with, would be a bit too loud to my tastes.
But in case I change my mind... studs are in the jar waiting :)

xox, d.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

white - milano

Today was the first day of White Milano. 

Again, I couldn't take pictures, but I'll give you something, ... I promise.
From their website: The September edition of White Milano will be focused on the most creative contemporary research, featuring the collections of fashion designers coming from all over the world.

I said I would give you something, right?
Check the White Milano Blog, to see some very good closeups, trends, details and more! I didn't know the existence of this blog (how couldn't??) and now I'm already totally obsessed :)

I just finished to write down on my notepad the things that most amazed me.
Now all I need are 48 hours days to make at least a portion of what I was drooling on!

--> On my radar - for Spring/Summer 2012:

* trench refashion with a very 'lady look' ... I hope my old trench will be the right piece for this refashion: includes a collar with grommets, a bow, and 7/8 length sleeves. mmmhhhh it could be a dream!
* a leather wrap. The one I saw was very grunge looking, but I'm sure I could do something less 'strong' but still stunning and beautiful.
* vintage scarves used as lining... this is on my to-do-asap-list
* vintage scarves used as sleeves... again.... how cool?
* studs. studs, more studs and grommets. Love.
* chunky open knits will be still a must, gotta love a fast knit that you can wear few days after starting your work.
* neon colors will be 'hot' for next summer, too (although I'm kind of sick of it)
* nylon cords and knots on jewelry, accessories, bags... I believe with my stash I've got that covered ;)

xox, d.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

filet crochet: a scarf

Let's talk filet, today.
It's not white
It's not cotton
and it's in size extra long.

If you search "filet crochet" on Google Images you'll see a lot of white and off white curtain panels, doilies, runners, pillow covers and blankets.
But, we all know and saw that in the past few seasons, some of the most popular designers, Missoni and Christopher Kane just to name a few, are incorporating "home decor" techniques to high fashion garments.

... My mom is the 'filet master'!
(I didn't make this, I only picked the color, the pattern, and bought the wool 
(I know, sounds kind of bossy of me, ahaha!!)

While I couldn't find the original design, (it's a two roses motif repeated onto a 19 inches wide by 7 feet long panel), I found this pattern browsing the internet which is very similar.

pattern credits

Even if the scarf is quite wide and long, it doesn't feel too bulky, since filet creates a very thin, net-like fabric, very soft, that can be worn twisted around your neck several times without feeling chocked.
... and it's coming quite handy to hide my ugly neck brace :)
This scarf makes the perfect transitioning accessory, while the month of September is giving us cooler mornings and nights!

...and this masterpiece was made around... 
15 or 20 years ago. 
I guess I was quite fashion forward?!?! ;)

xox, d.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

new accessory

In case you're wondering why I'm not doing much these days...

It's not out of laziness, but because 
I will be having surgery tomorrow,
and will be wearing this totally 
UNcool piece of accessory 
around my neck
for the next three weeks :(

Hopefully the - literally - pain in the neck, will be gone after surgery 
and I'll be able to function better and faster!

xox, d.

Monday, September 19, 2011

agate 4 mom

How could I not make these for my mom?

She loves necklaces, and she is asking me to make some of these for her ever since she saw the very first one I made.
I finally got around to finish.

She picked these two beautiful stones.

She wanted a thinner cord than the kind I normally use.
And for the green one, she also wanted the cord to match the stone.

These necklaces are inspired by the similar ones from designer Brook&Lyn made for Anthropologie and are made with the same technique that I showed in this tutorial: check it out if you want to make some for yourself!

picture from: Anthropologie

Basic crochet skills, and a little patience sewing around the cord. Really, you can make it too!!

...Making mom happy... priceless! 
(and no master card needed!!!)

xox, d.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

the kiss

Two days in Wien are not enough 
to see even a little part of this spectacular city.

While my husband is busy in meetings, I'm going sightseeing.
I've just got back from the Belvedere and literally had my jaws dropped looking at the infinite details of Gustav Klimt masterpiece, "The Kiss"

image from
On the wall... there was this quote. 
I liked Klimt to begin with, but after this quote, 
I liked him even better.

On the way back, just a quick stop at the museum shop, 
where I found these amazing silk scarves.

They are coming home with me, 
either around my wrist or my neck 

xox, d.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

@ milanounica

Yesterday I went to heaven... 
well, I've been to  MilanoUnica
the textile trade fair being host in Milan twice a year.
Pretty much like heaven, right?
The September edition is Fall/Winter, 
in this case about 2012/13 trends.
What can I say?

I was busted several times trying to take pictures, and finally gave up and came home with just lots of extremely confused notes, and who knows what I'll be able to remember... try to explain to these guys that all I wanted was keeping track of inspirations for my crafty projects and not trying to copy a "Made in Italy" production in the far East... whatever.

Anyway, after a whole day looking at fabrics, buttons, buckles, trims... you get home and feel sorry for yourself for not having all these beauties in your {already too big} stash.

Now all I want is go out and buy more. Darn!!!

Being a whole day in such an overwhelming place made my mind go in spinning mode.

--> What I saw {better, What I liked}
(no pictures, sorry, I really wanted to, but ... BUSTED!)
* Lot of laser cut: leather, silk, nylon.
* Jewel's tones: sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst.
* Brocades and Damasks
* Thick acrylic paint prints onto heavy knits
* Feathers and fur trimming
* Beads, sparkles, crystals
* Flowers and reptiles prints (all in once)

Well... if I'll be lucky I'll have some time to digest the massive amount of information and try to get out something nice!

xox, d.

Monday, September 12, 2011

we have a winner!

Hello guys!
What's the best way to start a new week ?
...Announcing a winner, right?

and the winner of the 250 Business Cards from Uprinting is....


Congratulations, Maya!
you can start playing with the business card design and 
make your very much Completely Coastal 
business cards! ;)
I bet they will be lovely!
Uprinting will get in touch with you in about 30 days 

For all of you who participated...: thank you! 

xox, d.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

and the oscar goes to...

oh well, Oscar ... Award... same thing.
it's the BlogLand!

Last week, while I was enjoying the spectacular beaches of Sardinia, 
in the absolute quiet and also kind of frustrated about the slow internet motion, 
I received an award from Kei @ Unfortunately Oh!
I mean... my first award ever :)
Thank you Kei!!

then I've returned back home, 
in the not so frustrating fast internet connection, 
but oh so not happy about laundry and cleaning and... you know...

Yesterday I've got a message from crochet extraordinaire 
Elisabeth Andrée that she awarded me with the same award, too :)
thank you Elisabeth!! 

(That is why I'm posting the button twice, I'm bragging!!! aha!!)

Funny thing? Elisabeth was one of my Awardee, while I was writing this post :) 

The rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award Are:
1 * thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post
2 * Share 7 things about yourself
3 * Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs (15 new blogs. I'm reading & following so many blogs for so long that honestly, I'm not digging into new discoveries lately....)

--> 7 things about me:

1 * I love breakfast, and I have milk with double coffee and a tiny bit of nesquik with 5 cookies every single morning: every single day, my whole life. Can't get tired of it!

2 * I love dogs. Mutts, full breeds and everything in the middle. 
I love cats, too. And ducks, and in general most of fur and feathered animals (NYC rats? mmmhhh... not sure about that)

3 * It's almost impossible for me to get bored. I'm that lucky. I can always find something to do or to make. Worst come to worst, I daydream. 

4 * When it comes to driving directions, I couldn't be worse. In a 50-50 chance to go right or left, I pick 100% the wrong turn!

5 * I hold a mirror when I go to the dentist. Because I have to see what he's doing. And how. ...And eventually discuss/argue about it, while I have the vacuum tube in my mouth (and he's trying to work).

6 * I can't cook. And even the few things I could make, I'm not enjoying, therefore I won't cook. And I'm not interested in food, sorry no recipes in this blog :)

7 * Last, but not least: I course. A lot. And love it. 

(now that you know more things about me that you would like to know... please keep reading my blog!!)

--> and the Oscar Award goes to...


These blogs are recent discoveries. 
Mostly about DIY stuff {how surprising, uh?} 
go check them out, they are full of inspiration!! 

xox, d.

Friday, September 9, 2011

lace scalloped hem shorts

These shorts were actually pants.
Last year, I was pressing them.
... and I don't know how, but I ruined one leg.
Like, burned. 

Knowing me, I was so not going to get rid of a perfectly good pair of pants, if "only" one leg is burned.
Since I'm not brave enough to go around with a one legged pair of pants, though, I chopped off both legs and added a scalloped heavy weight lace on the hem line.

I first sew it with a straight line, then sew the scalloped edge of the lace to have it better secured in place, and cut the excess fabric around the scalloped seam so the lace details would show up better.

Since the pants' fabric wasn't fraying, it was an easy "quick fix" for my otherwise unwearable pants.

If you're planning in ruining shortening some pants and make something like these....

--> You need:

* measure the leg circumference of your pants at the point where you're going to make the cut
* buy lace (twice as much of the measurement of the leg + few extra inches)
* matching thread

--> How to:

* wear the pants and decide the length (take into consideration the shape and width of your lace)
* cut both legs (keep it slightly longer: better safe than sorry)
* wear again and make sure that the length is correct and eventually adjust
* pin or bast the lace starting from the inner inseam and go all the way around
* sew on your lace around and on the inner legs
* cut the excess fabric on the inside of the pants

...Show off your tan legs!!
Perfect September outfit!

xox, d.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

happy b'day gilda!

This little thing,
just shy of 4 pounds,
bossy lady!
Just turned...
☆ ... 17 !!! 

I still remember the day I gave it to my mom, she was 5 weeks old and could fit in the palm of my hand.

few days ago she had surgery to remove most of her teeth 
(she had a deadly breath due to several gum infections).
her back legs aren't as firm now
she is mostly blind
and almost deaf
her nose is still perfect,
in fact, she recognize us with a sniff

she is a happy doggie, 
spoiled with attentions 
and treats
she loves apples!
she is almost my sister... well at least for my mom's point of view!

happy birthday, Gilda!

xox, d.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Coming home after a nice vacation.
Bringing back memories...

... a nice tan...
and some souvenirs.

...Because we all like a little shopping.

This is what my husband and I brought back from our trip to Sardinia.

You can clearly notice that our shopping tours don't end up in the same stores...
...and if you're planning a trip to Sardinia, put on the budget that you'll be on a diet for the rest of your days. 
Even I, not a particularly food lover nor a food fanatic, can't resist all the delicious things that the coocking of this island can offer.
As a matter of fact, as an unwanted souvenir, I brought back also some extra pounds that will be rather painful and unpleasant to loose. 
- silver is much lighter to carry than several cheeses, sausages, sweets, bottarga and wine
- silver doesn't make your refrigerator smell like an old tennis shoe being carried by a wet dog 
- silver lasts. food lasts too, but in the wrong parts of your body

I'll rather buy silver.

Here a closeup of my souvenirs. 

And, who cares about closeups of cheese. 
silver wins, again.
What's your "style" souvenirs speaking?

xox, d.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

honestly lucky

If you have a Facebook account, and if you happen to 'like' my page 
(btw: this is the link to my Facebook page), 
you probably know that on my last travel from New York I had a misadventure.

... in case you missed, I left my iPad next to the security check at the airport at JFK.

(...and yes, you can say that I'm an idiot)

... and yes, I was lucky case # 1 on a million where the iPad was found by somebody honest, and turned it to the security guard, who turned it to lost and found and left a voicemail on my phone (iPad was on and they could find my info on Facebook!)

... and yes, the lady at the lost&found office was really nice & fast and fedEx it the same day.

... and yes, assuming that there could be a next time when I'll leave something behind at security, I'll try to leave the ziplock bag with the sample size lotion, toothpaste and hand sanitizer!

Fact: honest people exist. 
Proof: I'm typing this post on my iPad ;)

thank you, honest person who found my iPad

xox, d.

Monday, September 5, 2011

yayy, yayy a giveaway {closed}

this giveaway is now closed

Do you have business cards for your blog or for yourself?
No problem, UPrinting 
leader in business card printing
have got you covered!

Honestly, I have my own business cards, but I haven't got around to make any for my blog yet...

So I'm playing with the design tool, and believe me, if I can get around to get something done, you can do better for sure!

And the best part for me is that you get to DIY... check out the stylish business card design!
Shape, background, colors, fonts, you can upload your own picture or pick between the hundreds they already have!
I mean... endless possibilities.

Anyway, this is my first attempt... not so bad, right?

I also made it with some thin lines in the back, so just in case you want to write something

What do you think?
Want to win 250 business cards?

one lucky person will win 250 Die Cut Business Cards

---> here's how:

* 1st entry : follow my blog with Google Friend Connect and leave a comment on this post
* 2nd entry : like my page on Facebook and leave a comment on this post  

only 2 entries per person! 

Giveaway open until 
Sunday September 11 @ 11:00 pm eastern time!
winner will be announced on Monday morning :)

Prize details:
*250 pcs Die Cut Business Cards for one winner
* shapes available - check the die cut business card templates 
2x3.5" Rounded Corners, 
2x2" Rounded Corners, 
1.75x3.5" Leaf, 
2x3.5" Rounded one corner, 
2x3.5" Half Circle Side,
 2x3.5" Oval, 
2.5" Circle
* 14pt Cardstock Gloss / Matte / High Gloss (UV), or 13 pt Cardstock Uncoated
* die-cut business card templates available for download
* giveaway open for US residents only, 18 years old and above only
* 6 Business Days Turnaround - Free Shipping 

This business cards giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given for hosting. For more information about online printing services and other business card design, please visit

xox, d.

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