Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY quick fix: wearing my pj to the beach

...Just like a true authentic Dolce & Gabbana :)

I have this pajamas romper for ages, and I hate it. 
Wait, I love it, but it's evil!
...if i try to sleep in it... in the middle of the night it gives me bad wedgies !! 
(TMI ??)
Anyway, for future references, romper pajamas are just a pretty-darn-bad-idea.

...But it's pretty, right?
... and looks like it could be, with minor adjustment, from the current Dolce & Gabbana collection!
(yes, it's also missing a button, must had happen while fighting the 'evil pjs wedgier')


This is a very quick fix:
All I'm using is some white eyelet trim (in my stash but similar to this one)

1 * take off the seams of the legs
2 * pinned the eyelet trim on the edge - right faces in and zig-zag the edges together
3 * folded back in position and sew the straight hem
4 * did the same things onto the front next to the button holes.

Don't worry, you won't see me wearing this on the streets of NYC, but it will be my "new" cover up for the next days on the beach...

And to keep it nice and tight on the waist, I'll wear it with the rope knot belt I made awhile ago...

xox, d.

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