Thursday, August 4, 2011

snake charmer

I didn't even bother to find a title for this post...
comes directly from Harper's Bazaar August Issue!

I was browsing through magazines last night 
and I was delighted to see that my favorite leather material 
is every where. 
Not only on Harper's Bazaar there is a whole page dedicated to it, but every other page, there is some snakeskin "sneaking" out ;)


(1) Prada (2) Lanvin (3) Reed Krakoff (4) Proenza Schouler
(5) Giuseppe Zanotti (6) Gucci (7) Giorgio Armani (8) VBH
(9) Chloé (10) Giorgio Armani (11) Chloé (12) Jimmy Choo
(13) Dries Van Noten (14) Céline (15) Gucci (16) Chloé 

I happen to be a proud owner of a small selection of snakeskin items... I wish they could last forever!
Last year I cleaned up my closet and I had to through away a pair of pumps,
you know me, if they were put in that thrash bag means that they really couldn't been saved!

my python babies...

the pointy black shoe at the bottom used to be bright orange...
I dyed it black after (believe it or not) I've got tired of the brightness

uh, and do you recognize the bag charm?

In one of my last trip to my fabric store, I found ... for 10 bucks a 4 ft long snake skin in black... needless to say, the baby came home with me!
It's still there in my craft closet, intact, but I'm having few ideas of what to do with it... stay tuned!! 

xox, d.

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