Sunday, August 7, 2011

nightstand exposé

I'm pretty sure you're familiar with Jennifer at Hope Studios, right?
I mean.. who doesn't virtually know her?

She came out the other day with her nightstand exposé, and I couldn't resist to play along!

So, I snapped a picture swiped the fluffy dust and then snapped a picture, and here it is!

1 - Light (Ikea, btw)

2 - Tolstoj  War and Peace ... I'm dragging this brick with me everywhere and I'm only at page 470... about 600 more pages to go. I loved Anna Karenina and read it in four days, I thought that this book could be the same. I like it, but ... yawnnnnnnnnnn.

3 & 4 - Yes, these are real plants. Bought it two years ago when we moved into this apartment, 1$ each from Ikea. They are still alive. Sometimes I believe they are plastic, because, c'mon I'm the queen of the black thumbs!

5 - Wrist braces ... I make things! therefore I have carpal tunnel, in BOTH HANDS. I'm one sexy Wonder Woman when I'm in bed with my braces!!!

6 - Dr. Scholl's foot cream & Burt's Bees chapstick. I like smooth heels, (and hands) and I have severe addiction to chapstick. (FYI: I put my feet/hand lotion BEFORE having my wrist braces on! ...Just sayin')

7 - The ugliest alarm clock in history. I don't need an alarm clock, I use my iPhone (not pictured because I used it for taking my picture) but I wake up several times at night and I MUST know the time... just cuz.

8 - Reading glasses. After 40 very much needed. Let's not comment on that.

9 - iPad ... when I get tired of War and Peace (oh, well most often skipping the whole War and Peace part).

10 - Magazines... I only watch the pictures. It's my "old fashion" Pinterest.

you're on now! what's on your nightstand?

Thanks Jen! I'm linking to your party!!

xox, d.
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