Thursday, August 18, 2011

flower power

While I was in Italy during the month of June, I found this beautiful piece of heavy silk, and even though I'm not big on bold prints normally, I was totally taken by this one.
Even more taken when the sales attendant told me that because it was the last piece, it was 10 Euros!

What do you think? 
I hope I can still pull off something this bold!

I'm been thinking what to do with it, and although I know that a dress should probably be the best and easier option, I almost NEVER wear dresses nor skirts.
So... I'm trying to make a pattern and sew a pair of wide leg pants...
oh, boy this will be scary!
I haven't draw a pattern forever...

Let's see how this will end... wish me luck!

xox, d.


  1. It's super!! I love it. I can see a pretty skirt or frock in your future....

  2. Wow I love that fabric. I can so see you wearing wide leg pants made from this. I can't wait to see them.

  3. I know itd be very flashy but how about a summer coat? Something with a simple cut, A-line?!

  4. no ma è bellissima, è solo il bordo fiorato o è tutta così?
    Io ci vedo un vestito ampio scampanato alla Dolce&Gabbana, molto anni 50!
    Anch'io indosso praticamente sempre pantaloni anche se vestiti e gonne mi piacciono molto!


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