Monday, August 29, 2011

fireplace summer edition

I love my fireplace.
And because I'm always cold, in the winter my fireplace 
would most likely look like this:

Then the nicer season comes (about time) and I don't need to light the fire anymore.

Which I like, because means that summer is coming, 
but  I also dislike, because my fireplace looks empty and sad. :(

... solution: candles
(I know, nothing new)

You got that right: I used empty bottles as candle holders.

* Inexpensive
* Low maintenance
* Fast project

Best of all: have a party!
You'll have a lot of empty bottles that you don't have to worry about carrying them to the recycling :)

I needed two coats of spray paint:
* sprayed the first coat with the bottles up-side-down
* about an hour later the second coat right-side-up
* I used the color "aluminum"
* for 9 bottles I used two cans (originally 10 bottles, but broke one half way the first coat)

xox, d.
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