Friday, August 5, 2011

evening clutch

When I opened the package from Wholeport and saw the vivid pink rose lace trim (They sent it to me for free, as a part of the Create-a-thon in the Creativity Expo) ... I was in awe!
the trim is beautiful, delicate and not too baby pink, which was what I was a bit scared of! ;)

I tried the rosette trim on few things, add the trim on a collar of a silk jacket (loved it, but the color was a bit off), then as an embellishment on a t-shirt (but hey, I have too many t-shirts and I was thinking that this trim was getting "wasted") so....

I started to think, and powder pink rosettes 
leaded to bows, leaded to...
evening clutch

 Who is the Master-of-the-Universe 
when we are talking rosettes and bows?

... The Last Emperor... A.K.A. Mr. Valentino!
That's where all started ;)

... but first, please go and click the "like' button on the Facebook contest... just follow this link of the Creativity Expo and like... easy as that!

--> Supplies:

- some upholstery satin fabric scraps  (ok... can you believe that it is EXACTLY the same color of the trim? I'm kidding you not, for some reason in the picture the satin looks lighter, but in real life is a perfect match - btw... note to self: how about learn some picture tricks??)
- one of the many zipped pouches that my husband carried home from an overseas trip - this one is very cool, it's from United Airlines and it's a metal mesh, very sturdy... and the perfect size.
- last, but not least... the beautiful rosette trim

... Detailed tutorial is on it's way, I'm still editing the pictures and writing... bare with me, it will be posted tomorrow morning! ;)

Hope you like this clutch, even if the total cost was exactly 0 $... kinda look fancy, uh?

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