Wednesday, August 10, 2011

diy prada

Do you want to recreate the look of this F/W 2012 
Prada mermaid looking dress... 
...but for waaaaay less?
image from: coolspotters

Follow the tutorial that I posted awhile ago...
make giant sequins tutorial

The sequins in the Prada dress are equally spaced and overlapped to give the fish-scales effect.

To get the look:...
Start to sew the sequins at the bottom hem of a camel colored skirt, and keep going overlapping row after row.
Then do the same onto a blouse or shirt of a lighter color.

xox, d.


  1. You're too clever! I really want to try this now

  2. You are BRILLIANT! GENIUS!! And I've been saving all my plastic containers to send headbands and flowers to my great granddaughter. She may have to wait! Thanks so much for this absolutely inspired idea!!


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