Friday, August 19, 2011

500, really?

First thing first: 

 ...thank you  

I still cannot believe it, 
but this baby blog of mine has already 

♡ ♥ ...500 friends...♡ ♥ 

simply, really, ... wow.

ok, to be honest, I've been checking that number quite often, 
and I made sure to be prepared for this great 500 milestone...

I promise that in this blog you'll continue to see:
*  lots of refashions
*  all you can have DIY
*  easy to follow tutorials
*  think outside the box kinda things
*  more RRR (recycle, reuse, repurpose) 

Is there anything that you would like to see more 
or not to see at all here?

Please tell me. 

I'm enjoying blogging a lot, 
and having a special audience makes it worthwhile :)

xox, d. 

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