Monday, August 29, 2011

fireplace summer edition

I love my fireplace.
And because I'm always cold, in the winter my fireplace 
would most likely look like this:

Then the nicer season comes (about time) and I don't need to light the fire anymore.

Which I like, because means that summer is coming, 
but  I also dislike, because my fireplace looks empty and sad. :(

... solution: candles
(I know, nothing new)

You got that right: I used empty bottles as candle holders.

* Inexpensive
* Low maintenance
* Fast project

Best of all: have a party!
You'll have a lot of empty bottles that you don't have to worry about carrying them to the recycling :)

I needed two coats of spray paint:
* sprayed the first coat with the bottles up-side-down
* about an hour later the second coat right-side-up
* I used the color "aluminum"
* for 9 bottles I used two cans (originally 10 bottles, but broke one half way the first coat)

xox, d.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Sorry about the lack of posting!

I'm currently enjoying every single minute of my vacation in definitely one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean Sea:... Sardinia!

water: crystal clear
temperature of the water: warm, I mean really warm!
clear sky and hot sun
lot of good food

Don't forget to check-in every now and then, I do have few things almost ready to post.
Although this isn't exactly a place with the fastest internet connection!

... Uh, and there is a giveaway coming soon!

... for now... please don't hate me :)

xox, d.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{my} table name tags

Since it's so easy, inexpensive, and with immediate result, I couldn't wait to make my own.

... A bike ride to the river,
... a backpack full of pebbles,
... a whiteout pen,
... a coat of clear glaze 

...and I have my basket of name tags!

I made mine writing the name in white, using a whiteout pen... dries almost immediately and I had my basket ready in my kitchen in about 20 minutes.
(I'm excluding the time needed to get to the river, pick the rocks, bike back in a hot, steamy, 95 F,  morning, and rinse the rocks - and take a shower, too -...).

xox, d.

Monday, August 22, 2011

hearts & beads

You're familiar already about my  for Antonio Marras... 
and he loves hearts. 
Just like I do. 

Needless to say that when I saw on the light merino wool knit with tiny stuffed hearts I couldn't resist making my own summer version.

image on the left from

I had everything in my stash (because my stash is HUMONGOUS)
- grey grosgrain ribbon
- grey faceted (plastic) beads
- pearls beads
- some heart charms
- gray & white t-shirt scraps
- stuffing
- swarovski sew on crystals
- two D rings and chain
- one eyelet
- strong thread & needle
- safety pins (so I can take it on ad off and wash my shirt without going nut)

--> HOW TO:

- thread 5 strands in different lengths with the beads and the pearls, changing pattern in each strand
- attach all the 5 strands and the chain to one of the D ring
- attach only one strand and the chain to the other D ring
- punch the eyelet on one side of a 18" long grosgrain and fray-check both sides
- attach the other strands (while tangling them a little) to the eyelet
- sew about 25" of grosgrain ribbon on the flat part of both D rings
- fold the 18" piece of grosgrain leaving one part about 2" longer
- sew the folded part of the grosgrain at about 3" from the D ring (pin first and try on your shirt to make sure it fits as desired)

To make the hearts, cut the hearts in three different sizes:
2 medium grey - 2" wide x 1-1/4" tall
2 light grey - 1-1/2" wide x 1" tall
1 white - 1-1/2" wide x 2" tall
and follow my tutorial here for the sewing and stuffing
I sewed on the swarovski crystals on the light grey hearts, and sewed all the hearts on the strands as they were charms.

Pin both sides on the shoulder seams of the shirt and tie a bow in the back and the trick is done!

Best part... I can take it off and use it on a sweater for the fall... this is my take on 
"transitional refashion"!

xox, d.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

twice - i do

When you love somebody, you get married.
And eventually... again. 

We've got married first time "yesterday" August 19,  2003: 
just the two of us on the front porch of my in laws' beach house, 
and the second time about an year later, June 20,  2004:
the big, fat italian wedding. 

First one was very simple, just the two of us and a wild flowers bouquet (my husband went to the farm and cut the flowers!)

The second one was a big party ...And because I love orange, orange it was!

This picture cracks me up! He was pushing so hard with that knife, was hurting my hand!! :D

My dad and the groom had matching orange ties ...

My dress was orange with a bead work that I don't even want to think how much time would it take to make it...

...and had my shoes dyed and a matching clutch too.

It's being 8 years already??
well, 8 years if we count the first one, and 7 on the second one... how does that look for somebody like me that can't even remember a single date?
Anyway... Time flies when you're having fun, I guess?

xox, d.

Friday, August 19, 2011

500, really?

First thing first: 

 ...thank you  

I still cannot believe it, 
but this baby blog of mine has already 

♡ ♥ ...500 friends...♡ ♥ 

simply, really, ... wow.

ok, to be honest, I've been checking that number quite often, 
and I made sure to be prepared for this great 500 milestone...

I promise that in this blog you'll continue to see:
*  lots of refashions
*  all you can have DIY
*  easy to follow tutorials
*  think outside the box kinda things
*  more RRR (recycle, reuse, repurpose) 

Is there anything that you would like to see more 
or not to see at all here?

Please tell me. 

I'm enjoying blogging a lot, 
and having a special audience makes it worthwhile :)

xox, d. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

flower power

While I was in Italy during the month of June, I found this beautiful piece of heavy silk, and even though I'm not big on bold prints normally, I was totally taken by this one.
Even more taken when the sales attendant told me that because it was the last piece, it was 10 Euros!

What do you think? 
I hope I can still pull off something this bold!

I'm been thinking what to do with it, and although I know that a dress should probably be the best and easier option, I almost NEVER wear dresses nor skirts.
So... I'm trying to make a pattern and sew a pair of wide leg pants...
oh, boy this will be scary!
I haven't draw a pattern forever...

Let's see how this will end... wish me luck!

xox, d.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

table name tags

I saw this basket full of name tags pebbles 
at our friends' house over the week end and loved it!
I'm going to make my own. 
For now, this is the inspiration.

This is a great idea for many reasons:
* it's a fun way to make your guests feel welcomed
* you can place the pebbles over paper plates or napkins (or both!) while setting the table outdoor, and your plates and napkins will not be "gone with the wind"
* you can give a task to the kids and get them to pick the pebbles, and decorate them

I can't wait to start my own basket of pebbles name tags!!

...coming soon!

xox, d.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

door stopper #2

... We spent the week end at friends' house in Maine.
...In a gorgeous place.

Everywhere I go, I bring a book, and a tote with some crafting supplies.
Of course.
Just in case.

I found the perfect pebble on the beach...
perfectly flat at the bottom, and heavy.
... So I decided to make a crocheted pebble for our hostess.
(see the other one I made here)

Is there anything better one can do, than crochet while looking at the ocean in a perfect sunny day?
...I don't think so!

...she loved it!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

DIY: add a flare

If you want to add a little flare, 
a little "A" shape to a t-shirt or a tank, 
all you need is an insert.

Contrast fabric, sheer, mesh,or lace.
(remember the Valentino "bow on the back" t-shirt?... same idea)

This Tank top takes about 15-20 minutes of work and will take a single plain basic top to a brand new level.

All you need is a t-shirt or, in this case, a racer back tank top, and a triangular shaped lace motif applique (similar to this one: Flower With Leaves Bridal Applique - Ivory)
... and pins and a sewing machine, but it's really a small project that you can hand sew if you want.

* measure the side of the triangular piece
* trace a line on your shirt of the same length of the side of the triangular
* cut following the line
* pin the sides of the triangular on each side of the split open cut
* sew along the edges of the lace
* cut the extra fabric along the seams following the design of the lace

is that simple!

xox, d.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY quick fix: wearing my pj to the beach

...Just like a true authentic Dolce & Gabbana :)

I have this pajamas romper for ages, and I hate it. 
Wait, I love it, but it's evil!
...if i try to sleep in it... in the middle of the night it gives me bad wedgies !! 
(TMI ??)
Anyway, for future references, romper pajamas are just a pretty-darn-bad-idea.

...But it's pretty, right?
... and looks like it could be, with minor adjustment, from the current Dolce & Gabbana collection!
(yes, it's also missing a button, must had happen while fighting the 'evil pjs wedgier')


This is a very quick fix:
All I'm using is some white eyelet trim (in my stash but similar to this one)

1 * take off the seams of the legs
2 * pinned the eyelet trim on the edge - right faces in and zig-zag the edges together
3 * folded back in position and sew the straight hem
4 * did the same things onto the front next to the button holes.

Don't worry, you won't see me wearing this on the streets of NYC, but it will be my "new" cover up for the next days on the beach...

And to keep it nice and tight on the waist, I'll wear it with the rope knot belt I made awhile ago...

xox, d.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

diy prada

Do you want to recreate the look of this F/W 2012 
Prada mermaid looking dress... 
...but for waaaaay less?
image from: coolspotters

Follow the tutorial that I posted awhile ago...
make giant sequins tutorial

The sequins in the Prada dress are equally spaced and overlapped to give the fish-scales effect.

To get the look:...
Start to sew the sequins at the bottom hem of a camel colored skirt, and keep going overlapping row after row.
Then do the same onto a blouse or shirt of a lighter color.

xox, d.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

color that makes me happy #2

Lately I'm been having a red itch.

Red has popped up now and then in my life, but was never one of my favorite...

I guess things can change ;) 

Here's a RED parade, to bright up your day!

1 - DIY powder bathrooms coral branch towels - click here for the tutorial
2 - Leather & silver bow ring - DIY made by moi, again, tutorial here
3 - Umbra ring tray
4 - DIY Alessi Mediterraneo knockoff candle holder find out more about here
5 - Ron Arad FPE (Fantastic Plactic Elastic) Chair
6 - Alessi sugar castor Gino Zucchino (but mine is filled with Nesquik ;) ...)
7 - Red hearts, of course... DIY pincushion ring (tutorial here) - paper weight made with crayola clay - tiny tin box
8 - CB2 red wall mounted shelf ... and more red stuff in my office space makeover shown here

Most of these things are in my office space
red makes it vibrant and high energy
I have different color scheme in almost every room...

are highly effecting my mood...
in a good way ;)

xox, d.

Monday, August 8, 2011

diy fancy nail polish

When I was growing up, 
nail polish where: PINK or RED... end of the story.

But in the 21st century nails have to be in 

Like it? I like it.

And DO NOT like the idea to spend an arm and a leg (as usual)
in nail polish that will use for a month or so, 
get tired of it, and never use it again.

For 4.96$ I'll show you how to make your own
designer-look fancy shmancy nail polish!

Essie Chinchilly - O.P.I. Sky Teal We - Chanel Khaki Vert - Essie Barbados blue

ready? ...start!

--> You need:

- an old bottle of nail polish (the one at the bottom of the drawer, completely dried out,... yes that one!)
- some q-tips
- nail polish remover or acetone
- cotton squares
- a metal bead that will fit into the nail polish bottle
- NYC nail polish in these colors: 
   134 French White Tip 0.99$
   115 Skin Tight Denim Crème 0.99$
   214 Flat Iron Green 1.99$
   119 Black Lace Crème 0.99$

--> Preparation

* empty the old nail polish bottle as much as you can, then fill it half way with the acetone and shake it well until clean.
* empty the acetone, and in case needed, pour some more until the glass looks clean.
* with cotton squares and q-tips clean the inside of the bottle cap, the ridges where the cap screws onto the bottle
* let dry well; only after it's really dry, you can pour some water and a drop of soap dish and clean it again, and rinse it out well. ...and let it dry completely.

Enough for the boring part! 
Now it's time to have some fun with colors!!!
* follow the % of usage of the different colors
* I don't make a full bottle of each mix, just about let's say half bottle, so it won't dry out
* to make the % right, I count while I pour... make sense? 7 seconds = 70% ;)
* put the metal beads inside the bottle and ... shake, shake, shake
* try on your nail
* eventually adjust with a little bit more of this and a little more of that color

xox, d.

keep in touch! 

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

nightstand exposé

I'm pretty sure you're familiar with Jennifer at Hope Studios, right?
I mean.. who doesn't virtually know her?

She came out the other day with her nightstand exposé, and I couldn't resist to play along!

So, I snapped a picture swiped the fluffy dust and then snapped a picture, and here it is!

1 - Light (Ikea, btw)

2 - Tolstoj  War and Peace ... I'm dragging this brick with me everywhere and I'm only at page 470... about 600 more pages to go. I loved Anna Karenina and read it in four days, I thought that this book could be the same. I like it, but ... yawnnnnnnnnnn.

3 & 4 - Yes, these are real plants. Bought it two years ago when we moved into this apartment, 1$ each from Ikea. They are still alive. Sometimes I believe they are plastic, because, c'mon I'm the queen of the black thumbs!

5 - Wrist braces ... I make things! therefore I have carpal tunnel, in BOTH HANDS. I'm one sexy Wonder Woman when I'm in bed with my braces!!!

6 - Dr. Scholl's foot cream & Burt's Bees chapstick. I like smooth heels, (and hands) and I have severe addiction to chapstick. (FYI: I put my feet/hand lotion BEFORE having my wrist braces on! ...Just sayin')

7 - The ugliest alarm clock in history. I don't need an alarm clock, I use my iPhone (not pictured because I used it for taking my picture) but I wake up several times at night and I MUST know the time... just cuz.

8 - Reading glasses. After 40 very much needed. Let's not comment on that.

9 - iPad ... when I get tired of War and Peace (oh, well most often skipping the whole War and Peace part).

10 - Magazines... I only watch the pictures. It's my "old fashion" Pinterest.

you're on now! what's on your nightstand?

Thanks Jen! I'm linking to your party!!

xox, d.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

evening clutch - the tute

Thank you for all the kind comments about 
that I showed yesterday!!

As promised, here's the tutorial:

... but first, could you please go and click the "like' button on the Facebook contest... 
- "like" the Wholeport FB page 
- and then click  this link of the Creativity Expo and like my picture... easy as that! ♥ thank you! 

I used few pieces of scraps satin leftover from a tablecloth that I made about... 20 years ago ?!
(time flies when you're having fun, ahaha!!)
What is wrong with me that this pieces of leftovers where still in my stash?
You never know - that's my motto ;)  

--> Measurements & supplies:

(Because I used the United Airlines pouch as a liner, I had to cut the fabric for my clutch based on its measurements, also the fabric I used is pretty thick and didn't need any backing)

- for the base clutch:
  1 rectangular  8-1/2" x 11-1/2"
- for the bow:
  2 rectangular 5-1/2" x 14-1/4"
  1 rectangular 5" x 11" (can be much shorter than 11", but I cut it that long and chopped off at the end)
  1 odd shaped pointed (see picture)

--> How to:

* for the first row of the rosette trim, pin and sew the tulle part of the trim to the top edge of the fabric and cut it at the end of the fabric
* for all the next rows: lay the next row of trim with the rosettes on top of the previous row front part over front, pin and sew on the edge of the rosettes (so you won't have much gap between each rows of trim)
* once you have sewn the last tulle edge, fold inside out and sew only one side of the 'soon to be' clutch

--> Now, the bow

* sew the two rectangular pieces with only on the longer sides and turn right side out and press
* fold both flaps leaving a gap in the middle (so you won't have too much bulk) a sew with a long stitch, just to keep it in place
* with the part that doesn't have the gap, make some "accordion like folds" and hand stitch few stitches to keep it from unfold
* fold in half the odd shaped 'arrow' piece of fabric, leaving the smallest part open, cut the two corners and turn right side out, pushing the corners out as much as you can to have a nice pointy tie looking thingy
* make a fold in the middle, placing your bow-to-be on top to make sure of the length you want to have for this tie piece, once you're happy, give it few stitches to keep it in place, cut off the extra fabric, and stitch it also to the back of the 'accordion'
* the 5"x11" rectangular piece needs to be folded as in the last picture, and pressed, once done the width is 1-3/4"
* now, wrap around the accordion the piece with the folds, and keep it as tight as possible, pin and give it few stitches in the back to secure it to the rest of the bow

--> Finishing the clutch

For some reasons, some pictures got deleted and you have to bare with me and work your imagination :( sorry about that... this is the result of making things late at night :(

* place your bow next to the clutch, and see where the long extras of the folded part in the middle should be, make a sign
* sew the other side of the clutch (always inside out, don't forget that!! ah!!) leaving the 1-3/4" opening where you want the bow to "stick inside"
* place and pin tightly the bow inside the opening and sew it slowly (there should be a lot of bulkiness, so be kind to your sewing machine!!)
* cut the excess and flip the clutch right sides out!!

...almost done!

Slip inside the United airlines pouch and hand sew it around the zipper ( I placed the zipper puller in a way that, when it's closed, will hide behind the bow)

You're right! the zipper of that pouch is lime green! Not what i wanted for my evening-chic-fancy clutch!
Just look in your make-up cabinet, and i'm sure you'll find a good matching nail polish!!!
Paint over the zipper edge, and the plastic parts, and move the zipper up and down while it's drying !
I LOVE DIY and figure out at midnight how to have a quick fix!!! 

Anyway, it's finished and fit all the "party essentials" :) 

Thanks for stopping by and try to understand my mumbo-jumbo crafting lingo, I hope that my tutorial was not too confusing !

xox, d.

will *<:) party here!
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