Wednesday, July 13, 2011

two to make one

Found last year, at the very bottom of my drawer, a white sheer t-shirt that was there probably since my twenties, and a grey boxy t-shirt which had a logo next to the collar in the back.
I didn't wear any of them, and figured that make one shirt out of two un-used ones would be the right thing to do.

Wear the white sheer shirt, cut out the grey one just under the armholes, and wear it over the sheer one.
Pinned in place.
Take both off (and be careful with the pins!)
I used a saucer to trace the heart shape in the front, and cut a straight line for the sides and back.
Sew it all over.
Curt the excess sheer fabric underneath.

I had some tulle off white thin 1/4" tape (can't even remember why I bought this and when... I'm sure it happens to many of us...) and pinned it over and hand-stitched to give some extra texture.

xox, d.

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