Monday, July 18, 2011

to grey or not to grey?

is grey the new black?
well it is for me!

8 years ago (day less, day more), I took a decision that I was pondering for a really long time.

... Stop dyeing my hair and let it go grey.
mmmhh. Not an easy decision.

I was always attracted by women not yet very old, proudly showing their grey hair.
But when I had my first greys... I covered them up.
I started quite young, but got into the dyeing routine every 3-4 weeks when I was 30 +/-.

After so many years I was thinking to go grey, but wasn't sure, then I couldn't handle the (literally) 'grey area' between brunette, brunette with lots of roots and grey.
Finally, decision. I would do it!

I believe this is the only picture I have of the "let the roots go crazy" period:
I spent probably more than a month in a pony tail!

My hairdresser was pushing me into this direction (he's a good hairdresser, not very good if you look from the marketing point of view!!) saying that I had the right features to look good in it.

Well, if you're leaning toward this direction, I can tell you few things that I love and hate about going grey.


1- No dye. Means no chemical, and your hair gets stronger-er-er.
2- No roots. No needs to comment!
3- Time saving. Whether you are a diy dyer or a hairdresser one, you don't have to do it. Considering 45 minutes if diy or 1.5 hr if you go to the hairdresser every 3 to 4 weeks, you'll have at least 9 extra hours/year to do other things than dyeing your hair.
4- Money saving. A lot. Again... need to comment?
5- When I'm tan, or with make up on I LOVE the look, it's so stylish and sophisticated.


1- You do look older, a little. Let's not get in denial: guessing age gets easier... grrr...
2- Pick the right haircut. Not all the haircuts look good in grey just like with a full color. Play around until you find your right style. (this is not a real 'hate' just a tad annoying)
3- You'll be asked why. But I do hate other kind of stupid questions not hair related that people ask.
4- Some change in color choices in clothing. But again, we all look better in one color than another.

I can't really think of anything else, overall, I passed the "7 years itch" and still love my grey hair.

I changed different styles, and length, and so far in my case, short works better.


1- In my opinion, the best and fast way to go grey: once your roots are let's say 1" long... get a short haircut and you've done with the past!
2- If you're scared of very short hair, you can let your roots grow and when you have figured out the shade of grey you're in, ask your hairdresser to do grey highlights (this is an extra chemical process) - and consider a good haircut
3- Go at you hairdresser appointment with make up on and clothes in a deep, rich color: going from dark to grey will make you like you're fading and wearing light beige or light grey or pastels will look weird at first (see #4 in things I hate)
4- At the time, I tried to camouflage the roots for a while with some coloring shampoo. White hair absorbs much more color, and this technique didn't work for me. Even if the shampoo isn't permanent, the white hair will turn yellow-ish and as a result, made my process of going grey a little longer.
5- After you'll turn grey, use a shampoo which has a deep purple pigment: it keeps hair silver preventing the yellowing

If you're trying to make up your mind and take a decision, I hope this was enlightening and helpful!

Are you pondering the idea of grey?

xox, d.
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