Friday, July 1, 2011

sort of missing in action

I will be sort of MIA in the next days...
I do have few things that I am working on, but for the most part I am officially on vacation :)

...which sounds pretty weird considering that I'm retired, 
but in my dictionary vacation means BEACH. 
Every other free time doesn't count!! aha!! 
And yes, I"m on vacation, yes, on the beach!!!

View from the house we've rented... could be worse!! 

I brought with some things that I've made in my pre-blogging era, so something will come up (but slowly, internet here is kinda primitive!)
... and I still have my sweater to knit
... and my shorts to decorate.
... and you never know, I might find something else to do other than tanning, reading, enjoying life here in beautiful Chilmark in Martha's Vineyard :)

Wish you a great  4th July weekend!
Husband, my dad, and my father in law will be busy on the BBQ ;)  

xox, d.
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